Naming the blog that may or may not be continued

Hello all,
This is the first blog post to a blog I never thought I'd make. I am still not sure as to how long I will actually keep up with it, but have decided that it is worth a shot. I think of things that I want to share with my close friends who I never see, and think this would be a good way to share those thoughts.
I was talking to my dear friend Kait who is in the Philippines, sharing her heart of love with the people there. I miss her but see how she has so many other lives to touch. It would be totally selfish of me to keep her here with me.
Anyway, we were talking about blog names. She wanted me to call the blog groovin’ because it reminded her of "the muskrat", a dance move that I totally forgot about and that should not ever be seen by the public eye. I thought about calling the blog Rebby Lives, because living purposefully or at least trying to do so, sounds so freeing to me. I like thoughts of living freely. Like a caged bird set free. Kaitlin liked Rebby Walks more because in her words, “It’s like you're walking through your life. Not like you were just resurrected from the grave and now you are alive again. That’s what I imagine reading [rebby lives]. You in Jesus form with stereotypical white robes." That was hilarious. And that is why this blog is not called Rebby Lives, but rather, Rebby Walks. Because we are all walking through life, and in my case, striving for something better.
I have met beautiful people who I miss greatly and who have greatly blessed this "walk". Some of these people I am so glad to still be able to see.
As they say, friends are the family you chose for yourself.
Peace and love, you fine folk you.