little one

So many people tell me how much they enjoy Caleb now at this age. It is true that he knows more than we think he does. Yesterday when I picked him up at school, he was running around with a plush football, squealing as if he was making pretend touch downs. He looks so naturall with that little football. His teacher Kathy told me that one of the kid's dads was just there and was talking about football with her. Hearing this football talk, Caleb ran to the cubby with balls and toys and found a football to place with. I thought that was funny! It also shows how much Caleb knows and how much he listens. Caleb is not usually exposed to football and may have seen a picture of a football a handful of times, and yet he still remembers and connected what his little friends dad was saying to the toy ball stuffed in the cubby! These toddlers are sharp and observant!
I have always found Caleb to be interesting and unique. Even if he did things other babies did, they were still unique to him. I never saw him as a blob that just laid around. He always had emotion and expression. I've never liked it when people said he was like a blob, not doing much. It's true, all a baby does when they are a newborn is watch things. And they can't even see that much. They learn to focus on things and follow things with their eyes. Still, he was always an interactive little guy with so much expression.
Now that he is nearly 1 year and a half, and he is very happy and full of life. He squawks like a bird and   shouts at busses, cars, and trucks. We are in Boston right now and he has been so good, its hard to believe. He really is very lovable to everyone.  He now shakes his head no. He shakes his head no when I ask him, "Caleb, are you my love bug?" But of course he is. :)