Caleb's first hair cut!

I spy through Caleb's race track...a happy little boy!

On Saturday Caleb had his first hair cut. The place we took him to is called Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Costa Mesa. It was great! The place was set up with a train table, video games, movies, toys, and had the option of the car hair cut seat. Caleb spent his time commanding the train table and played with the other little boys that could not pull themselves away from those train tracks. All of the kids were so cute. I love seeing their fresh cuts and chubby little cheeks.
I was apprehensive with how Caleb might respond being restrained to his chair with scissors snipping his wet hair. He did not like the clippers at the end where they buzzed his hair line, but mostly because he didn't know what that feeling was on his neck or what was causing it. He proved to be a little champ and looked very handsome afterwards.