Time really does fly...

[Note: This was written in September and I just saw that I never published it.]

Caleb will be 17 months old in just a few days. I don't want my baby to grow up. I want him to stay a baby with his chubby legs and checks and baby feet. He is growing more hair. It's hard to imagine him with long hair. He's never had very much hair.

Like it or not, he is growing up and getting bigger and smarter by the day. I think back on his infant-hood and realize how much has changed. He wants and runs now. He talks gibberish and points, laughs and likes to be chased. He has a special love for cars and balls. These things I know about him now. He has changed in so many ways and is a precious little boy. Of course I want him to grow and develop as he should. I just want him to be my baby. My little love bug.

Time goes by much faster now than it did before because Caleb is an obvious time line with obvious development over set periods of time.