After an "Off" Week

Red is one of my favorite colors. Red is also the color Caleb is wearing to school today. His class is supposed to wear either red, purple, pink, or some variation of those colors combined. Caleb was not into doing any pictures this morning.

It has been somewhat of a different week. Caleb has been feeling off, and I have had laryngitis. Caleb hasn't been eating normally this week. And by normally I mean anything I make him or offer him. That is another topic all together though. This week I am attributing his lack of appetite/willingness to eat to feeling under the weather. Regardless of that, I still find it a challenge to feed a toddler. I always try to get him to eat chicken or turkey, but he prefers hotdogs and beef. I have successully tricked him into eating Smart Dogs, which are veggie protien links. They are a healthier alternative to turkeydogs and he likes them. Last night I made a Turkey Pie Casserole, so we will see how that goes. Turkey Pie Casseroles are great because they have greenbeans mixed into the ground turkey and tomato sauce, topped with mashed potatoes. I love dinners that can bring it all together in one. Caleb is more likely to eat a vegetable if it is cooked into the dish in some way.

A few moments from the week:

Favorite photo of the week.

On a walk with Amanda and her mom Caryn.
Have a lovely Friday!