From the day after the Superbowl

(Note: This a post dated from the day after the Superbowl. I guess I didn't publish it from draft form.)

The weekend is over now. This time, it did not seem long enough. Today was different because Caleb slept a little later than usual. Last night he had a fever and woke up during the night crying. He has been sort of on and off through out the day with little appetite. This evening he got worse and was much more lethargic and even gassy. I put him to bed at 6:45pm when he usually gets to bed by 8pm.  When I was changing him for bed, he just laid his head in my lap, feeling feverish and looking exhausted. Poor baby.

I decided to take Caleb to his grandparent's house instead of grocery shopping with me. Feeling down, I didn't think it would be fair to him or my shopping needs to haul him along. A toddler at the store, especially my active and inquisitive little boy, is always a challenge.  :) Caleb rooted for the Patriots with his grandparents but did not feel well most of the time.

Last night I was reminded again of how being a mom is a round the clock job. Luckily, Caleb did go to bed again. But there have been plenty of nights where he would wake up every few hours, or cry without stop unless I was in his room. Sometimes I have ended up laying on the floor by his crib and using a stuffed animal and baby blanket as my bedding. I am greatly relieved to say that this has not recently been the case. It does wear me out after awhile.

A mom is never really off. You can only hope that the child will sleep peacefully through the night and even a little in the morning. Does that happen? Not always, obviously. I am very glad that Caleb has been pretty good about sleeping. After persistence through sleep training during his first year of life, we are much better at it now. During the holidays Caleb's sleep schedule was adversely affected by having time off from school, a less rigid bed time, and all of his aunts and uncles in town. It was a lot to take in. Plus all of my college friends were in town and were staying at my place during New Years. It took about 3 days to get Caleb back on track with his sleeping schedule. It's always rough when you start sleep training, but it fortunately worked out for us.

Caleb is using more and more words now. It is very cute. He will repeat words he hears us say, or the last word of a sentence we used. I might say, "That is all I have." And Caleb will reply, "Have." He does it a lot. Apparently his grandparents were able to get him to cheer during today's game and say, "Touchdown!" He was also throwing his hands up and saying, "Horray!" Horray is not a new word, but touchdown is. To bad the Pats didn't throw anymore of those touchdowns...they could have used them.