Having a toddler son means loving trash trucks like never, ever before.

There is so much uncertainty in this life. Especially if you have done things "out of order". There is so much I don't like about my life right now. Slowly but surely as the months pass, I hope this will change in certain ways. As of now, I am thankful for a job, beautiful friends, and caring family. I am also very thankful for Caleb's grandparents. They are such interesting and loving people. We are all lucky to have them. Most of all, I am thankful Caleb has them and hope they live a long time so he can always have his Nana and Pop. We love them.

My grandmother is Taiwanese. I would love to meet her again. The last time I saw her I was 2. She does not speak English but she is a classy woman. I wish I could know more of my Chinese family. They seem so interesting and kind. Unfortunately my poor ability to learn languages inhibits any real interest in learning a language as involved and crazy as Chinese.  :) I do credit Facebook for connecting me with some of my cousins in Taiwan though! Very cool, even if I don't understand them.

Every evening when Caleb and I get home, he usually wants to go outside right away. In the car driving home from school, he begins to ask "outside outside outside". It is as if he wants me to just stop the car right away and take him out on the side of the road. Actually, I am sure he would be perfectly happy with that. Instead, I always explain that we are driving home and cannot yet go outside. Honestly, I would prefer to at least get my heels and work pants off before trekking across the parking lot in search for the next car Caleb can try to break into. Somehow we always end up doing the trek because I usually give in easily. Today was no expection. We ended up by the car wash space where the hose is locked with a key. Caleb tries to open this box with the key and even found the correct key to go with it. I was impressed because I had shown him that last time and he seemed to rememeber. Maybe it was merely a coincidence. Still, there is no denying that the boy is bright.  :) Caleb puts the key in the keyhole and tells me, "Push Push". So we push and then take it out. I decided that I was done crouching in my work clothes huddled by the hose. I picked him up and was met with much protest. We checked the mail and I was very stern with Caleb to stay with Mama by the mailbox. He stepped off the curb and I put him back and said, "Mama said to stay on the sidewalk. You cannot step off this sidewalk without Mama." So he replied, "Hand?" And he took my hand and we went home. I love holding his hand, and I love it even more when he offers and lets me.

Running after Caleb as usual. 
Dinner was an adventure. I did get mad at him because he dumped his whole plate of food on the floor. I told him "no" a lot, and that was "bad", and that he was "not being a very good boy". I really wonder if that is a positive approach because I don't want him to have this emphasize on being a good boy. I want him to listen and respond, but not feel like he has to make me happy and be a good boy. I am not really sure the best ways of going about this. I must read up on that more.  I have read that it is better to just say nothing and take the food away. I remain uncertain about all that. I have never been into kids, so this is my first go at it. And what a way to do it!

Anyway, Caleb ate applesauce after all that, got down, and even though he was occasionally cranky, had a fun night. We played and I chased him and he tried chasing me. At one point I was coming around the corner and he said, "BOO!" I was greatly amused by this. He just seemed so sneaky and pleased with "getting me". Caleb also likes to cuddle on the bed or his pillow and pretend to snore saying, "Nigh night." I suspect this began when Amanda use to come over and pretend she was sleeping. Then he would run over to her and almost maul her face. :) We read books and clipped nails and then he went to bed. Spencer and Jessie were over. Spencer to visit Caleb, and Jessie because she should live with me but can't. No, seriously she came to eat. I lure her and other folks in with food.  We lived together for years and I miss her very much.

So that was today. Not so much in a nutshell, but I still left out a few things. Like how cute it was when Caleb copied me crawling on the ground. I love it when kids mimic. And I also love when they start putting words together and learn new words all the time. It is adorable, but also so cool to see. Yes, I like kids much more now thanks to Caleb. I find that all babies and children are beautiful.
Good night, dear few friends who peek in on my poorly developed blog.

Love, R.