Valentine's Day

I think one of my favorite things to do is to have a dinner at home with friends. I love making different meals with friends. It can be stressful because after work, I get Caleb and we do the playtime, dinner, and bedtime routine until 8pm. So it is difficult to cook before 8pm, which means for late dinners.

Me and my little Valentine.

Last year we had a Valentine's Day dinner with my Amy, Jessie, and Amanda. We had a delicious dinner of cornecopia salad, lasanga, and garlic bread. This year Amanda actually had plans, so we did a smaller dinner with Jessie and Amy. Amy brought rice, beans, and supplies for chicken nachos. It was a different kind of dinner, but it was still good and nice to be together.

Caleb has a Valentine's Day party at school and I decided to give him something small. I opted for bubbles because they are cheap, and he didn't have any. I also printed a picture of a bus for him and put it on cardstock, which he loved.

I use to never recognize Valentine's Day as an actual holiday, and saw it as a day like any other. For some people the holiday is single awareness day, while other's embrace it and celebrate it. For me, Valenine's Day is now another day to celebrate love. Love of my favorite little boy, and the love of friendship. I love the excuse to get people together and create another little tradition with Caleb. This year was kind of thrown together, but I do want to do something special for the holiday for Caleb. I find that I am always looking for different and new ways for us to start traditions to continue and grow on as the years go by. My family did not have many traditions at all. So it is very important to me to begin traditions with Caleb. A fun and easy way to start, is to recognize each holiday as it comes by. I would like to do more unique traditions to, but that will come later. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day! I gotta run....Caleb is huddled over the computer asking for trains and trash trucks.

Walking home from church on Sunday.
Holding hands=My favorite.