Who knew he knew the Hookie Pookie?

The last time I wrote, I mentioned how I was going to give Caleb a Turkey Pie Casserole for dinner. It was again, a success. I am always so glad when he actually eats what is put before him for a meal. Last night I attempted to make a healthy version of a blueberry muffin. He would not have any of it. So if anyone knows of a delicious blueberry muffin recipe that is healthier...let me know!

Caleb, loving his Turkey Pie Casserole. Yay!

Yay for dinner success!!!
 Caleb has been talking more lately. Yesterday, through a sequences of a using a few words, Caleb talked about his friends at school and how best friend Preston rides a bike outside, and his friend Emma plays with him too.
When we were driving to school in the morning, we were stopped at a light next to a big white truck. This was exciting for Caleb as he kept talking about it and pointing at it. I asked Caleb what kind of truck it was, not expecting a real answer. He surprised me by responding, "Freight truck. Freight Truck." I had no idea it was even called a freight truck. A quick Google search on my phone confirmed that it was indeed a freight truck. I shouldn't be surprised, but when he randomly starts doing and saying things that I had no idea he knew, it is always a pleasant surprise. For example, the other day, I started singing the Hookie Pookie song. Apparently Caleb knew that song because the next thing I knew, Caleb was trying to dance along to the Hookie Pookie! It was so cute.
Little people are such an interesting thing to watch.