A Caring Boy

I just went to Caleb's school on my lunch break to drop off some diapers and sheets for Caleb. All the little kids were sleeping. The older preschool aged kids were outside in the atrium napping, and the toddlers   were in the classsroom. As I walked by the mostly napping kids to peek in the toddler room and spy on Caleb, a little girl rolled over and said, "Hi Caleb's mommy!" It was so cute and so sweet. I didn't expect for a random child I am not sure if I have ever seen to recognize me as Caleb's mommy and say hi. It made me smile because it was so cute. Apparently she must know Caleb somehow even though she is in the preschool program and he is in the toddler room. I love meeting his little friends.

Caleb is a very caring little fellow. When Caleb hears a baby cry, he becomes concerned for the baby and wants to make sure the baby is okay. He has a friend named Aiden in the class. I am guessing Aiden is closer to a year old. Every time Caleb sees Aiden, he says, "AAAden!" He calls for Aiden and goes over to him to check out what he is playing with. Aiden is not a fan and mostly ignores Caleb. Caleb tries to hug Aiden and take care of him. When Aiden falls, Caleb tries to help him up and make sure he is okay. Aiden doesn't seem to be sure what to think of Caleb and his friendliness. But that doesn't phase Caleb one bit.

Caleb's teacher Ms. Trihn tells me that Caleb even takes care of the baby dolls. He holds them and tries to give them bottles, gets them food from the play kitchen to eat. When he eats lunch or dinner, he tries to feed his trucks and toys his food.

Caleb at lunch with his Nana and Dad, trying to feed his little Lakers toy a sweet potato fry.
Right now we are working on teaching Caleb about making a mess and cleaning it up. The other day, he spilled crumbs all over his lap in the car and pointed at it while saying to me, "Sorry...Mess." It was cute and I was pleased to see he recognized what a mess is! Of course it is okay and not a big deal, but I love that he is learning these little things that can hopefully make life easier one day. We will see... :)