It's Kind of a Milestone

Today Caleb peed in the toilet for the first time. His school has little toilets and little sinks for the kids. Caleb has sat on the toilet before.  Today, seemingly without realizing it, Caleb peed in the toilet. His teachers were very excited and cheered and told me all about it. I honestly wasn't excited. I felt weird thinking about Caleb doing such a big boy thing like peeing in the toilet. Of course it is good, but I find myself feeling resistant to big signs of growing up. Like when he grew out of his baby clothes and needed bigger sizes that I thought wouldn't  fit for a long time...well that time came. It was hard boxing those baby clothes away!

Change and growth is good. I am proud of what a healthy and beautiful child Caleb is. I am proud of his interest in the bathroom and his desire to be his own person. But still, it is hard to watch my baby be such a big boy. It always seems too soon, but its not. I hate to think of him driving himself around one day...God help me with that one. He already tries to drive and loves sitting in the car with the keys.

This only means I need to start reading about potty training more and embracing the reality/idea of it all. I can't say I am excited. And I don't think he is ready to potty train NOW. But the time will be fast approaching, like it or not. He is not even 2 years old yet and I feel like he is growing up too fast! I know its me. He is getting ready to fly in some ways and I want him to just hold my hand.

Other things I don't want to say goodbye to: His chunky legs, pudgy arms and cheeks, and his naps. Please God do not do away with those afternoon naps. They are the best. Some days those naps are what save me. From being up earlier then what has even been natural for me, to playing at an hour that I wish I could still be sleeping or at least in a stationary position, his nap times have become my peace time. They used to be my time to clean and make lunch and get stuff done but they have become my nap time too. I should make that time more productive, but lately I have been totally okay with relishing in the rest time.

Seriously though? Here is Caleb at 2 months old. I lost many nights of sleep with him having to sleep like this with me. But I miss it now.
Caleb and Auntie Christine at 4 months old.
This is photo is just too cute not to put in. I still have that tiger suit. Caleb now points to it in his closet and says, "Tiger...up there". This morning before I went to get him, I heard him talk to himself saying that. I hear him making car sounds and talking about trucks. I like listening to what he says when he is left alone to his own thoughts. 
Annnnd here we are at 23 MONTHS OLD. GAH! This picture was taken this morning while he was asking, "Snack? Eat? Breakfast? Toast?"   

Eating Irish Soda Bread after school. It is St. Patrick's Day (tomorrow but today at school) !
Yes I am lucky and I should say very blessed to have a healthy boy who is two steps ahead. It is just a little hard for Mama watching my little baby become a little man. Because he is not a little baby anymore. He already peed in the toilet! What is happening!!!

A few weeks old...precious baby.