Life is Funny

I think I want to start an April photo challenge. My friend Audie does it and I think it would be a good way for me to try and photograph things I normally wouldn't. Click for more information: April Photo a Day. We will see how it goes or how long I last. In my mind, the idea is to do it creatively. And I am not so sure how successful I will be at that.

Anyway, a few Caleb tales from Sunday:

Caleb and I fail far too often on the tooth brushing front. He wants to do it himself, but when he does it means sucking the toothpaste off the tooth brush and asking for more toothpaste. When he brushes his teeth with his dad, he listens and opens his mouth and lets his dad take care of business in there. I wish it were that easy for me.  Caleb just does not listen in the same ways as he does with his dad. So Sunday comes and I say to Caleb, "Do you want to brush your teeth with mommy?" I shouldn't even ask. I should just tell him that's whats going down. Caleb responded by running away and saying, "Noooo thank you!" When Caleb says "thank you", its like one word with no "a" sound. At least he had manners when rejecting his basic hygiene. But I have got to get better at this.

Sunday we were going to Isaiah's 1st birthday party. He's a doll and is such a cute combination between his parents. I was feeling like I had a lot to do before the party because I needed to get Caleb down for an early nap before we went. So, after telling Caleb we were going to church earlier that morning, I decided last minute to skip it. We have been going to the church across the street from our apartments because it makes it so much easier to actually get there in the mornings. I would really like to make friends there since most of my amazing friends are in other states and countries now. However, I find myself too tired, awkward, and busy with Caleb for that to happen. Anyway, we when we were pulling out of our apartment complex, I turned left on the street in order to go to Target instead of driving across to the church. As we are driving away, Caleb starts whimpering, "!" I asked Caleb if he wanted to go to church, not really wanting to go myself. He replied, "Yeah." I made a u-turn and we went to church, all the while thinking, "Seriously? That just happened? Caleb catches me ditching church now?" I took him to his new bigger kid classroom (he just transitioned up) and went to the service only to find that the topic was as relevant as could be for what I had just been thinking about that morning. Funny how things work out. And funny how my baby got me to go to church on a day when I felt to busy to go. Priorities= in check.

After church, I put Caleb down for an early nap. When I went to go get him from his nap, I noticed him putting his leg over the crib railing. I decided to see how far he could get with this attempted escape. Sure enough, he hoisted himself up and over the railing. I grabbed him before he could go over at learned that it is time to think about moving to a bed. Honestly, I would rather Caleb remain in his crib a little longer. Caleb being confined in his crib has been extremely helpful with bedtime and naptimes.

I want to redo Caleb's room to a transportation theme.  This is my favorite bedding for him so far. It is far too expensive, but I am sharing it for just for the idea. I like that it is fresh, lively, colorful, and most importantly, more contemporary.

Source: Double Decker Twin Duvet Set

I think I would like his bed frame to be either navy or dark brown. We will see what happens. There is a lot of redecorating I would like to do but I don't have the time to deal with it these days. I wish I could hire an interior designer to harness the pictures in my head that I don't know how to make happen myself.

Saturday we went to Irvine Regional Park for a spell. Caleb wasn't in love with the zoo or the suspicious goats we visited. He was however, a great admirer of this tractor Caleb called "orange tractor" and in the very interesting, yet simultaneously intimidating train.

I can hardly believe it is the end of March. Time flies far to fast these days. I think having a kid has made me ultra aware of how fast time goes. That can be scary if you aren't doing anything with the time that passes. If you stay at that awful job (or lack of a job) or stay stuck in an unhealthy place, time flying can be very scary indeed because it feels like you aren't going where you want to go. It feels like you aren't going anywhere at all. I have felt that way before with not knowing what to do about the future as far as jobs, especially with how the economy changes so much. But right now, I have hope for the present and future. I have joy, life, blessings, and love. And I now have an odd desire to photograph buses and firetrucks on the street for Caleb. Life=Funny. :) Have a beautiful week.