for Amanda

So much happens in life. So much change in big and small ways. And then, some things don't change at all. Like friendship. Sisterhood amongst friends. I say this a lot, but I love my friends. As the old saying goes, friends are the family we chose. We have our biological families, and then family amongst friends. For me, it means a lot to have these friends. I have a lot of precious friendships with people from APU whom I hold very dear to my heart. I have special women who were my den mothers whom I lived with during late high school and early college years. These two groups of women changed me in many ways and walked with me in different parts of my life. They made me a better person, and I still feel like I am worse off with out them.  

My friends from middle and high school are like my constant companions. We cruise through life together, doing different things and being very different people. And still, with all this change, we remain the best of friends. Amanda is my beautiful champ of a friend. We have had a lot of experiences together. She feels more to me like some sister I can't shake than just a friend. Now that I am a mom, I don't have the same ability to do things anymore. I can't hang out and watch a movie or easily go to her place for dinner. I can't stay out late or take day trips anymore. So we have dinners, watch movies, lay in bed, talk, eat dessert, play the occasional game. I miss her company now that she has been detained with personal issues. Life is about to change again, in a massive way. While her new path will be a challenging (yet loving) one, I am honored and excited to be along for the ride as I always am.

One day she will have a little girl, just like this. Just like her. And I can't wait to meet her. I can't wait to get to know her and love her. Because her mama is very special to me. And even though we haven't yet met, so is the little "she babe".