Handling newfound interest of the "wee wee"

I wasn't sure what to do when Caleb discovered his penis. Do I care if he touches it? Should I? Of course it doesn't matter. It was just one of those things that I just did not know how I would deal with. So, when he started touching it during bath time or laughing about it during changing time, I would say, "No touch wee wee!" Caleb turned this into a game, laughing while shrieking, "Wee WEE!!" Yes, he calls it wee wee. I am not sure where this came from. Like some nicknames, it came about and stuck. I have told him it that it is penis. When I tell him this, he thinks about it for a moment, then says the word penis to himself in a curious and matter of fact manner.

I think my initial reaction to the penis touching was unnecessary. I am kind of ashamed to say that I even said, "Yucky, no touch! Dirty!" While I meant this more in saying that it is dirty down there because I was cleaning up his diaper, I don't want him to come away thinking that his penis is yucky or dirty. I think like with everything else, there is no need to make a big deal out of it and stress not touching it. If anything, I will use distraction or occasionally ignore it. He really only notices it during bath time or diaper changes, so usually I give him something else to do when changing his diaper or I try to redirect his attention to something else during bath time. Still, if he is curious about it, I won't tell him no. It is his body and it is fine if he is discovering new things about himself. He is just learning, and I think it will help when he starts potty training in the coming months. I don't know how I will be when he gets bigger and might take a greater interest in his penis. Spencer says that as he grows, he will just touch it more because that's how boys are. So there will come a point when we will probably want to talk to him about what is appropriate when redirecting doesn't work anymore. But, that's another bridge to cross later on.

About two weeks ago, he had his teddy bear during a diaper change. He kept putting the teddy bear on his penis, so I said to him, "Caleb, don't touch your wee wee with the teddy bear. No touch with teddy bear!" I walked out of the room, while Spencer stayed with Caleb. Spencer told me that when I left, Caleb held the teddy bear right up to his face as he was laying on the ground. He sternly and slowly said, "Teddy Bear, no touch wee wee. Teddy Bear, no touch wee wee." Funny!

How did you handle your son's growing interest in his penis? Did you ignore it? Tell him not to touch it? Tell him that he can touch it when he is alone? Right now we are just redirecting, distracting, and just letting him touch it. It is not a big issue at all right now. I am curious to know what any of you might think.