On Growing Up (Plus a photo heavy Love List).

Over the weekend Caleb said to me, "No baby anymore." I wasn't sure if he was talking about himself or the baby cow in the book we read. He said it twice, but offered no clarification. Yesterday I asked him, "Caleb, are you my baby?" He answered, "No." Again, he didn't elaborate on the matter. Finally when I asked him about it later in the afternoon, he said to me, "No. Ima big boy.... Ima big boy." When I asked him if he was my big boy, he said, "Ya."
"Ima big boy now." I guess so little one, I guess so. 
This morning he told me he was "too busy" to put his shirt on. He also (again) told me that he was a big boy who could jump up and down and run fast. In fact yesterday as we were walking, he was running behind me and said, "I'm goin to get mommy!" He is full of new words and phrases every day. He literally changes before my eyes. He is like a flip book of growth.  He is sure to remind me that he needs a big boy plate, and that he does not want a baby cup. He is more boy than baby now. I know I have to accept this growing up thing. It's just not easy letting that go! I don't want him to grow up and out of his chubby cheeks and thighs. It's happening.  And it is good. Just a little hard for me!

Recent hair cut comparisons-the before and after. Growing up. 

Tonight I am filled with a sense of gratitude. I thought I would write a list of some loves.

I love:
  • Walks with my boy.

  • Successful homemade meals.
  • When Caleb eats what I make with no fight. Always a victory. 
  • Caleb's laugh, hugs, kisses and love.
  • For my apartment to magically be clean.  
    • This has actually happened on a semi rare occasion Jessie has come over before while I have been at work and then finds herself cleaning. Amazing. Or more likely, when I have time to myself at home to actually work on things.
  • Being outside. I love breathing in the fresh air and looking at whatever little nature is left around me. Looking at the bushes and trees and seeing dirt paths before me... 
  •  Huntington Library
  • Dance parties, meals, and walks with friends. When I was in college, this happened fairly regularly and it was wonderful. 
  • Heading to one of our parties with Megan.
    Dance party at APU years ago. This one was actually planned. Normally our dance parties were spontaneous events.
  • Imaginary worlds like Narnia, Lord of the Rings, etc. Any tale of superhero or even Greek mythology. Stories from previous historical time periods, etc. I just love stories, can you tell?
Interesting idea by the artist.
  • My beautiful friends.

Remarkable APU friends. So blessed. 
From my 24th bday in 2011.
OC friends + sister+incredible dinner+indoor tree adorned with lights=Greatness. 
The best of times are times like these. Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Leah!  I am SO thankful for you. I just hold it personally against you and Anna for living multiple states away. Unfair. 
My pal Audie and Caleb. Love this photo, and love that they became fast friends. 
High school graduation dinner with dear old friends and roommates.
Prom photo with my old roommates, dear friends/pseudo den mothers. 
Us now, not including the husbands and other kids of some pictured in the photo.  Our C Street family has significantly grown!
  • Space-How beautiful, vast, mysterious and scary it is.
  • Our steadfast God, how I appreciate him.
  • That Caleb has the loving family that he has with his grandparents, aunts, & uncles. So glad and so thankful.   
  • Caleb and his dad last year. 
  • Beauty, justice, grace, acceptance, equality, love.

    • These terms are used so frequently, but they mean so much. I am passionate about these ideals and how we apply them to our lives and the way we see the world and others. It's one of the reasons my dream job is social work and/or school  counselor. 
  • The fact that my sister and her husband really do go well together. So glad, so happy. 
  • The night sky.
  • Funny, quirky people.
  • Art & Art festivals, live music, street fairs, anything like that.
  • Railroad Revival Tour
  • Woods and/or mountains>Beach.
  • New and old music.
  • Lights & color & chocolate. 
  • Obviously I love photography and documenting life.
That is all for now. I did not expect for this post to  be so photo heavy. It just happened. So I'll end this now before it gets even more out of hand.  :)