Space Note

Reason for new blog appearance? I was sick of the old one, but had no idea what to do differently.  I don't know how to design blogs, so I just uploaded an amazing space photo for now.  I am not a huge fan of keeping it this way, but it was a quick change. The image was taken by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope and it is of a star bursting into new life. I love that. One of the most invigorating experiences I can have is to be under a clear night sky. Anytime I am under a clear star filled sky, I feel much more alive. I feel closer to what is real and true in the world. I feel closer to God.

Two cute photo's from the weekend of my little love:

Caleb brushing his favorite dog at one of his favorite places.

He loves his helmet and asked to wear it twice today. Granted, it was at the same time he was playing on his scooter even though he can hardly use it.