Toddler Tales

Caleb's new favorite song is Down by the Station. He has such a good memory, and rememers things from months ago. This song was played in his Nana's car, and he remembered more words than I ever knew.

Down by the station
Early in the morning
See the little pufferbellies
All in a row
See the engine drive
Turn the little handle
Chug chug toot toot
Off they go

Of course he gives it his own spin and sings it very often. Sometimes he shouts it. I hear him singing in bed at night, or shouting it from his room in the morning. He also likes Jingle Bells, which has made a recent comeback with great zeal. Either his school randomly sang it, or he remembers it from Christmas time. Either way, his version of Jingle Bells is shouting, "JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! JINGLE BELLS! ALL THE WAY!"

When I was younger, I loved bows and would regularly wear them in my hair. I have also always loved vintage looks, polka dots, mary jane shoes, aprons, and cute dresses. This side of me has been a little subdued over the years, with some of those things having stronger relevance than others now. However, one of my dearest friends is pregnant with a girl! So I am finding all these girly likes coming out in full force.

I love how children bring out the little people in us all, and how this new baby girl is already bringing out all of my past girly loves. I will admit that my love for these things is what made me want a girl when pregnant with Caleb. I had no idea what to do with a boy. I have since learned that there are plenty of cute looks for boys, especially with a boy as dashing as Caleb.  :) I have also learned that I am incredibly grateful to have the boy that I have. We have our battles, of course. Today he screamed all the way through his bath, and to make matters worse, he was asking for a hug at the same time. I felt a little bad about that, but the bath had to happen.

Off tangent story, earlier before bath, we were on a walk. Except he wanted to be held, or as he called it, hugged. He held up his arms and kept saying, "I need a hug! I need a hug!" So I picked him up, and said, "I need a hug too." He pressed his little body on my shoulders and in my arms to give me a hug back. We spent the first part of our walk like that until he became enthusiastic about life again and ran and laughed most of the way to where we usually end up.

 I always wondered what Caleb's interests would while he was in utero. So far, the answer is anything that moves and is on wheels. His current passion? Vehicles of any kind. Be it truck, bus, car, tractor, anything. Even when he was below 6 months of age, wheels fascinated him. I am still kind of mystified by the toddler species. They are hyper emotional and narcissistic, but loving, sweet, and kind. I am figuring out the toddler world a little more, and see how clever they are.

The other night it was time to change Caleb's diaper. I had turned in a different direction than him, so he used that chance to quietly tip toe behind me. The next thing I saw was a his little body break into a run for the door. He sprinted right out and totally got me. I sat there and laughed to myself that he seriously had just snuck out and then broke into a mad dash for the door once he was in the clear.

The next day, I was wearing shorts. I usually never wear shorts, so Caleb took notice. He made note of my legs and the lack of pants. He got up to remedy this situation right away by going into my room, looking in my dresser to find these old, red, polka dot and flower pajama pants. He handed me these pants and told me to put on the polka dot pants instead. Apparently like me, he also likes polka dots. I changed into the pants, and he was satisfied. The next time I wore shorts, he looked at me and seemed to resolutely think, "I know what to do" as he said, "Polka dot pants?" I told him, "No, it is hot so mommy is going to keep the shorts on this time, Ok?" He reluctantly accepted this. He is too funny!

(This child could be a model. But we won't do that to him.)
You may not have seen the brief space theme going on here that I wrote about in the post before this one. It was a kind overwhelming to have the pic on repeat in the background. I still don't know how to design blogs, so the backgrounds might keep changing.  Here is the space photo the background was for a brief stint:

 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." (Genesis 1:1).