The world is the devil's playground.

Over the weekend we witnessed violence against a woman who was being violated and attacked. The woman just wailed as we watched in horror, called the police and yelled for this to stop while other guys came out and did nothing. I will spare all the details of how it unfolded and what happened.

Witnessing how ugly this world can be is like a heavy weight. And seeing how these cycles of brokenness and evil are perpetuated is so discouraging. No doubt, the reality of this happens every day. It is hard to see how desensitized some people could become. The guys didn't care that this girl was being attacked. They stood there and said nothing with no reaction or expression. They did nothing other than move it into the house to continue.

When we saw this happen, I was just very angry. Now, days later, I feel emotional about it. I am deeply troubled that a girl could be forced to the ground and beaten before our eyes, and how it meant nothing to these guys we thought had come to help.

We are blessed that we are safe. We are blessed that we do not live in areas that impose such threat on our lives. But what about everyone else who are not as fortunate? It is tragic. I have a heavy heart this morning for all the evil this world has. I am so tired of seeing news stories on precious babies being murdered, or missing women found dead, or people being killed or committing suicide based off of difference they might have from others.

The guys we saw so desensitized were once beautiful babies, craving for love and affection, learning about the world through the adult models around them. I always wonder about all of the big and little things that transpire for that joyful child to become the hardened guys we saw.

I am not sorry we were there or saw it. It happens all time, and were just slapped in the face with that reality. I am heartbroken for that girl, and those people who are entrenched in a system of that is based out of toxic ways. I know it is hard to have progress when these patterns repeat themselves, but I still have to ask, where is the progress? To lose one's humanity like that is one of the worst things that can happen to a person. And I think I am just reeling from the sight of that happening.