Class Begins.

It was with some nervousness and a bit of reluctance that I took my first class yesterday since graduating from APU in 2009. I started an Introduction to Human Resources class. I was first frustrated about it because it is not what I really want to do. My heart is in doing something related to social work, so taking a class on HR instead of something I feel passionate about felt frustrating. I chose to do the class because HR is something I could realistically do right now. I want to see if I would enjoy doing that and explore more options in that field. It does sound more interesting than other options, and so this is a perfect class to take to learn more about the field and to see if I might like it more.

The class was nice and the teacher was great. It was very interesting to hear about all of the different people in the class. Among the students were two head of HR's, several directors of varying departments from different companies, some business owners, and even two men from South Korea sent to the US to do a year long program to learn about Human Resources! It is cool to have a variety of people in the class, and it provides a greater opportunity to learn more from experienced people.

I like how the teacher approaches the class in a very realistic manner. He talked about why HR is important to an organization, and how usually people have a very negative perception of HR. He also talked about how HR helps organizations retain and increase care for the employees, so that there can be a positive team environment with feedback and growth. While it is not what I am truly passionate about, it was interesting and I think it will be a good experience for me to be there. One day I will pursue my passion when I can realistically afford going to graduate school, but right now, I can and will learn and grow in other ways. And I can pursue another field that might be interesting and see what happens. I am taking the class as part of a certificate program at UCI. The campus is very pretty! I loved the wispy trees and the beautiful gardens.

Meanwhile life remains busy, and I am tired more often than I was when Caleb was in a crib. He gets up and is full of life, usually before 5:30am. I am not a morning person by any means, and that is like the crack of dawn. Sometimes I just lay in Caleb's bed, hoping that I can will of us both back to sleep. Instead, he springs up and talks about all kinds of things. He talks about his boat and that it is his favorite, and Nana's favorite, and points to me saying, "It's not your favorite." Then he will stand on his bed frame where his mattress is and sing out, "Jellyyyy Jelly! Jellyy Jelly!" Then he'll say, "I want to sing "Jelly Jelly all day long." All the while, I am just laying there laughing at how this is happening at 5 in the morning. He has so much to say and do, but it is just so early! He is so observant and makes all kinds of connections about things. It is fascinating to watch.