To Romie, one of the best of them.

Romie. The cat who lived many lives and had an adventurous run. He lived with many people in many places and was a true champ of a cat. Christy first found him as a kitten and nursed him back to health.  Amy moved in and became another mommy to Romie. The C Street home grew to include Heather and I. Meanwhile, Romie was an independent, loving, feisty, smart, hunter. He could catch a rat in a second. He would bring around decapitated birds, scale trees and roofs, take on many other cats and animals and sometimes even come home with a missing patch of hair, or with another animals hair stuck in his paw. He was easy to maintain since he didn't use a litter box. He just went outside. Wild man. He liked being left alone, but also came around for lovin'. I loved his fight and his independace. I don't really like house cats as much. They are boring compared to the fearless fighter Romie was. I actually didn't like cats until I lived with Romie. But, he is a special cat. Other non cat people liked him because he was different, and because he had such a spirit about him.  He explored and would leave for a few days. He would come back and I would always wonder what adventures and other poor animals he took out. Romie moved around a lot with me after Christy and Heather got married while Amy was in Romania. He also lived with Jessie and I for awhile. Among the other people he stayed with were Spencer and Amanda, and eventually my mom and dad. He is the one animal I loved and will miss.
Romie's first night after Christy found him. 

Romie as a kitten.

Coop and Rome.
Romie & Amy 

Scratching up a tree.

Elvis Christy & Romie
On the prowl.

Took one for the team, letting me do this to him. 
Thanks for the ride Rome. We love you.