"And when I wake tomorrow I'll bet that you and I will walk together again..."

I have written about friendship here and probably will again. Over the past few weeks I had several of my friends visit. I try to just soak up their faces, their laugh, their expression and their being here. I miss that love and acceptance and community of friends. I remember sitting at APU thinking, "This will end. And it will all be a memory greatly missed. These precious times with these people will come and go. And you will always just look back and remember." People ask me if going to that school was worth the debt. I don't know, people make friendships everywhere. All I know is that I deeply valued the people I have met. The perspectives and the opinions and the varying interests and lifestyles. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Most of all, I value the love and the kindness and the inner beauty of these people. I value how we are each so different, yet in some ways very similar. And I value that we can come together after months of being apart, and be home again. For me at least, it is home. I miss that. I miss them.
My close friends have always felt like my family. I have always related well to the saying that friends are the family you chose. Some of my friends have close families, so it is different for them. But for me, they are like family. And it is a privilege to see different relationships form and others fade away as they work out life and love and new beginnings, closing old doors and exploring new ones. I feel like the cheerleader sometimes, so excited for their successes and for their plans. And sometimes I feel like a mama bear, protective of their hearts, even though their lives are their own to live.
God has blessed me with  friends and pseudo family along the way ever since I moved out of my house at age 17, and into C Street with Christy, Amy, and Heather. I have been blessed by these different groups and people in different ways, and value those times always.