Potty Training, Day 1.

November 26, 2012/Monday

Today was the first official day of potty training. We are both beginners, he and I. He as the trainee, and I as the trainer. I have been a bit nervous about this forever, since I have never trained a human to handle their bowl movements before or directed any path to urinate. Strap that diaper on, and you are good to go. I have never even trained an animal where to do their business. They are usually just trained and awesome. That is not to say I haven't cleaned my fair share of shit, I have. Oh, I have. (Cat, dog, rabbit, human...) But training these living things is a different story. And it is also a new way of cleaning up too. Plus I have a boy. They have a whole other issue with their "wee wees". I know its not a big deal to lots of folks, but man, it is just one of those things I never looked forward to. Good thing Caleb's teachers at school are pros. They get excited about it and say its a huge milestone and transition. I am glad they are there to be the potty training cheerleaders/experts, as well as a help to an unnecessarily nervous person.

Caleb has not seen my "not-so-much" feelings about this situation, which is important. He picked out his own underwear which was of course, Cars and Thomas the Train. He was very excited to wear his big boy underwear today. When Ms. Pennee, the director of the school and someone he is very familiar with came into his class, he pulled down his pants and shouted, "Look, look! I have my big boy underwear on! Lightening McQueen!" When Ms. Pennee asked if he picked them out at the store, he took an attitude and said, "NO, I bought it at Target!" Duh, shouldn't everyone know that is the only store to buy anything from?! ;) Because my 2.5 knows this well, apparently.

[Off topic tangent]-Caleb also apparently knows his left and right. I used to think that when he would correctly identify left and right, it was a coincidence. One that happened more than not. One time this summer we were driving by South Coast Plaza, leaving Cost Plus. We were at a stop light in front of Nordstrom that had to make a u-turn to get to Bristol, where I needed to make a right. I voiced none of this to him, and just pulled into the lane to make the u-turn. Caleb told me that I would need to make a left, and then a right, to get to the street. He was right, that's exactly what we were doing. I was impressed, but moved on. These kind of things randomly happen with him. So today, we were on Alton, about to turn onto Culver. Caleb pointed left and told me about turning left, and then pointed right and said we were not turning right. It was then I realized, heck, he must know his left and right. He literally pointed each direction out correctly and knew which way we were going. Maybe this is normal for a 2 year old. I have never been around them until now. All I know, is the only reason why I know my L and R now, is because I have a birthmark that helped me remember when I was a wayyy older child.

Back to potty training. In the beginning of this year, Caleb was still 1 year old. Still a baby. I was resistant to him potty training for awhile because his diapers meant he was still my baby. I wasn't emotionally ready. Sometime after his 2nd birthday, I was over that and ready to potty train. I talked with his teachers about it over time, and thought I would just wait for us to all have our conference about it. We eventually did, and here we are now. Day 1. I do think it is important to wait to train until the parents and the child is ready. People give a lot of outside pressure on what they think you should do and when, and it's just more unsolicited advice and really can just add feelings of stress and self doubt. I needed to be ready, and I wanted to do it in conjunction with his school, since that is where he is most of the time during the week. I could have started it sooner with the school instead of waiting for them to initiate our meeting when we first discussed starting, but I was fine with waiting. I don't see the rush to do it right when a kid turns 2 or whatever people say. He will learn, and he will learn soon. Honestly I am so glad for his school right now, because he has been on his own potty schedule for this entire time since I am gone at work. He has been sitting at the potty regularly. The only change now is that he only wears a diaper to bed. The rest of the time, he is in big boy underwear. And this one change, changes everything of course.

Today because he wasn't in diapers for the first time during the day, he held his pee all day, even during nap. He did have 2 accidents after that, but he did okay for his first day. After I picked him up, we had our own little experience here. I was mad at myself for not getting him to the potty soon enough, and just hanging out until he had an accident 2 more times.

In the car ride home, I asked Caleb what he did at school today and if he was learning to use the potty. He was quite pleased with himself and said something like, "I use the potty like mommy! And me! And daddy!" We'll see how it goes tomorrow. But I think as of now, Caleb is doing great.

A quick word on potty seats. This is the seat I had at first, from our good friend Amanda. It seems fine, but the problem is that it moves around a lot. It's not stable, and I read a lot of reviews that especially with boys, it does not catch pee well at all. It is harder to clean because the pee collects in the cracks and it just leaks much more. I still have it and am not opposed to trying it, but it really does move around a lot on the toilet seat.

I got this seat instead because it was just another option at Target. I later read very good reviews about it, and so far like it much more. It suctions to the toilet seat and doesn't move around, and is much more stable. I don't know if there will be reason to dislike it in the future after much use, but as of now, I am quite happy with it. Other gear we got was of course, a step stool. Clorox bleach wipes. More baby wipes. A water proof pad for his car seat (a towel would be okay too). Lots of pants with an elastic waist so he could easily pull them down. Today he went through 4 changes of pants and underwear. Maybe 5 on the underwear count. Oh yea, and lots of 2-3T underwear that he picked out. I think thats all for now... Here is the potty seat we have and like so far:
Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix in gray. Online price $12.99 at Target.
I am sure I sound like a wimp whining about this new potty training thing. Especially compared to all those badass potty training multiple (or one) baby wearing mamas out there that rock our world with baby wipes and love. Cheers to entering yet another new milestone and transition time in this thing called motherhood.

I will enter his gates with thanksgiving in my heart, I will enter his courts with praise! I will say this is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice for he has made me glad.