Beauty from the Ashes

Today I attended my first re-baptism. I have never gone to a church holding an event solely for the purpose of doing a baptism for a person. Today one of my dearest friends Jackie, was re-baptized. And this event seemed most appropriate.

I have known Jackie since middle school. Anyone who knows her will say that she has a lively, vibrant, confident, joyful, and loving personality. She has always been this way, since the day I met her. We have been friends ever since those early Rancho San Joaquin days, keeping tabs on each other over the years that have past. Jackie has lived a lot of life. I have sat with her sharing many tears and laughter. We have always been able to be real with each other. That is one of the things I love about her-she is always real.

The one prevailing theme throughout all these times was the belief in God. Today, I saw a woman redeemed. We all walk away and do our own thing in life. We all stray from God at one point or another. It's just life. Seeing my friend go from a place of brokenness to this renewed life in Christ has been amazing. I knew how special this day was for her. I knew what it meant for her. My heart is rejoicing with her, as she has truly been transformed. It is an absolute blessing to witness.

Jackie's close friends and family came together today to support, love, and celebrate this transformation with her. It has been an honor to have been apart of such a beautiful experience and support one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. It was also wonderful to see her family again and see her friends whom I have heard about for years.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Photo explanation: Before I attended the re-baptism, Caleb and I made an emergency pit stop at Target for panty hose. Yeah, it's amazing to me that I am an occasional panty hose wearing gal now. It is really an issue about warmth. I dislike the cold and needed something more appropriate with my dress than my usual tights. Anyway, of course we stopped at the beloved toy section wherein Caleb proceeded to investigate each aisle of the toy area. He also but his head into other families business by suggesting cars their children might like. As depicted in this photo, Caleb came across the aisle with girl toys, and found a real winner there. That truck is clearly meant for a large doll since I can't imagine any human child fitting in that jeep.