2013 St. Paddy's Day Recap

For St. Patrick's Day, we dressed in green and of course, read some St. Patrick's Day books. I never pass up an excuse for a book, especially for a holiday. We also did a little hunt for his own pot of gold. And by pot of gold, I mean a small ambulance and gold coins wrapped in green tissue paper. None of this was really planned. I didn't think ahead for this holiday at all. But I am glad we did something small to make it more special. 
Click for description and book listing on Amazon.
Click for description and book listing on Amazon.
Caleb's grandma Maureen came by, and as she was leaving, my dad came over somewhat unexpectedly! Caleb loved it. 

Playing with Grandpa. The best!
Introducing Grandpa to Dinosaur Train.

Later on in the evening, Jessie came over with her own stew. I also made stew, but they were different. We didn't do anything different. Not even listen to Irish music on Pandora like last year. 
St. Patrick's Day party of two.
Beautiful part-Irish woman. 

I look at St. Patrick's Day as an opportunity to recognize Caleb's Irish heritage. He is half Irish, so being intentional with this holiday is an easy way to commemorate that. I know it is more silly right now, with the green and leprechaun and pot of gold. But as he gets older, we can learn about the Irish culture and tradition more together, even if it is in simple, small ways. Jessie spent some time in Ireland, and she said that the US makes a bigger deal about the holiday than those in Ireland do.
I read a mama blog about the intensity of holidays nowadays. There can definitely be holiday overkill. I know I think about it a lot. I didn't really think about St. Patrick's Day this year, but what I did was enough. And I had done research in advance, reading about Saint Patrick and the significance of the holiday. I dislike the great commercialization of all the holidays. Today I was in Target looking at their Easter stuff, and found that they had lots of pastel eggs and aisles of bunny chocolates and gift baskets. I didn't buy anything but egg dye. I want to do something to teach about the reasons behind the holidays, while doing something fun and different than the usual day to day. I think each holiday has something for us to appreciate or teach us. And I think it can be a fun and easy way to instill some type of tradition within a family. This kind of stuff is just a big deal to me, since I don't come with my own traditions, but want to have that with Caleb. I have mentioned this before in previous blog posts and sort of touched upon it here-Family Ties.

This year, we just read books, enjoyed the beautiful weather with a wonderful walk with my dad, and had a quick, small hunt for a "pot of gold" that I ate most of. Opps. 
Actually, Caleb's middle name is Patrick. His dad's middle name is Patrick, which is his Irish great grandfather's namesake. But when we named Caleb, we didn't know that. I had read about Saint Patrick, and was very impressed with what I read. So I think part of his legacy inspired his middle name. That, and Spencer wanted Caleb to have an Irish name, and Patrick was my favorite one. 
I'll end this '13 St. Paddy's Day recap with one of my favorite Irish blessings.