Weekly Life

I have had a few recent moments of toddler parenting fail. Actually, I shouldn't call it a fail. But I am not always super good with the emotional mood swings of a toddler. I try, certainly. But their emotions are extreme. One moment they are happy and dancing, the next they are throwing their heads back with big tears. It must be great, having these grand emotions. Feeling so much, in such a little body. I think part of me loves it, and the other part wonders what to do next to be better with some of the bad moods. I am usually pretty patient, but what I do not like, is whining. Or tantrums. I have had to experience my fair share of this. Somehow, Caleb listens so much better with Spencer. And trust me, it is not because I don't try. I do. All the time. And some days, I have success. Other days, not as much as I would like.

I have started to plan Caleb's birthday party. I love celebrations and people coming together. Even though a kid birthday party is usually more awkward, it is exciting to think of Caleb and HIS excitement. It should come as no surprise to people familiar with him, that the theme will be a fire truck theme. All of my ideas are expensive, so we will see what comes to fruition.

Today I ordered a cake from Albertsons. I know I am a month early, but I was anxious to see what firetruck cakes were out there. While I like baking, I have never made a cake from scratch. I also have never made a cake for 20+ people and kids. This isn't the occasion to attempt such a feat for the first time. So, I was able to get a fire truck themed cake that wasn't too expensive and that was big enough for lots of people. I wont lie, I am struggling with the fact that it is not a healthier cake. I  regularly read healthy living blogs. Some more intense than others, all of them I respect. Some of these blogs are written by moms who don't even use products with artificial dies. I would love to do a cake that is healthier. But I am not up for the new task of doing this right now. I just don't want another project to do and I want to be able to pick it up, done and ready to go. So, I am going with the junky cake. :/

Moving on to some moments & stories from the past week.

Friday night, Jessie and I met up with her mom and sister at Don Jose's. I have heard about this place from them for years so I was eager to check it out. It is a local Tustin dinning destination that seemed to have so much of Tustin packed in. I will say that the salsa was good. Jessie and I ate a whole basket of chips and salsa within minutes of being there. However, it's not a place I would make an effort to go to if it weren't for them. Behold, some photos:
Meanwhile, Jessie was entitled to free flan because we were there for her birthday. 
Little did any of us know, this would mean that she would be unexpectedly spoon fed her first bite. 
(By the way, the flan wasn't very good at all.)
The next morning, Caleb and I were outside at the playground when he came across this dazzling "snowboard". He used these pieces of cardboard to slide down the slide. I had my own board and was asked several times to join him. Sadly, rocketing down the slide served mainly as a reminder to me that I am now older, and do not enjoy being whipped off slides anymore. Damn aging. I am like an old woman now. This is not good. I was able to skip some slides by hanging out at the top of the play structure as he run around the bottom saying, "Come on mom!" He thought I had "snowboarded" off the slide already and was back at the top of the "mountain." Nope. 
Later on, Caleb became a firefighter while I tried getting us ready to go. He was gracious enough to be sure I was also wearing my firefighter helmet. He was in my bed driving the firetruck and possibly putting out fires. 
We left the firetruck/bed to go to Amanda's house and see her visiting brother Eric and his long time love, Angie. They had just gotten into town from Seattle. I was so sad to have missed seeing Eric, as he had just left to go to LA for a show. But, I did get to see Angie. She always smells like herbal oils and gives the warmest hugs. I had the pleasure of meeting her and Eric a few years ago. Some encounters stay with you. Any encounter with them always stays with me. Angie is a loving, kind, beautiful person.
Angie & Grace
 Angie's tattoo. Truly representative of her as a person, and a mantra I very much appreciate. Choose Love.
This weekend, I was in my room before going to Caleb's to read books before bed. I came into his room to see an enormous pile of books on his bed. He was questioning how I would read them all. 
"How you can read each one? How you can read all of these?"
 Notice how he emptied his the entire bookshelf contents onto his bed.
Lastly, here is Caleb "hiding" from Spencer while they play hide and seek. Spencer looked all over for him in all kinds of places. Here he might have been looking for him in the closet, laundry, or wipe case. Caleb helped him out by giving him clues that he would not be found in his dinosaur bank, basket, bookshelf, or in the lamp. 
That's all for now! Have a wonderful rest of the week!