Cheers to the Future

Sunday was church. Caleb was eager to go, which is always gratifying to me. Worship began, and one of the first songs was one that I have been singing to myself and even posted on Facebook the day before.

How He Loves Us

Before I knew it, I was crying and I didn't care. I felt God say to me, "I will make you new." This process of being sniped and pruned and sheared by the Master Gardner so we can grow and flourish, is a painful one. But you know what? It is exciting. I find myself in moments of bitterness and anger. Wishing he would burn. As I have said before, Spencer and I haven't been together in a few years, but we were never severed. Until now, thank God. I wrote about this breaking process first in Love & Freedom, and as a follow up, in Moving On.

The thing is, I feel this amazing Emmanuel, God with me, always. And I couldn't be more blessed by that. Even when I was a child, I knew he was right there with me. No matter what. I am thanking God for this. I am deeply grateful for his intervention in my life. When I was weak, he was strong for me. So I can now look forward and no longer have this confusion  I no longer have to have this unknown. I can be free in a new way. And that, is so exciting. I just wish it didn't hurt so much along the way. But all of this is apart of this refining process. And so I am incredibly grateful to God for that.

Thanks be to God for never leaving me, never forsaking me, and for being the steadfast God of love that he is. Here's to the future. I can't wait.