Firetruck Shoes AKA (Momentary) Apple of Caleb's Eye

My son picked out Firefighter shoes at Stride Rite the other day. It was truly love at first sight. My dad was with us and was campaigning for light up shoes the moment we walked in the store. Luckily for both of them, these shoes light up.

Numerous comments about these shoes have since been made. "I can't wait to show my friends my cool new shoes!", "I can't wait to show nana, pop, and daddy my firetruck shoes!" I don't even remember all of the other things he has said. But when we were walking home from the car, a fire truck drove by on the street outside of the apartments. He stopped walking, held up his hand to his ear, and said "Think I hear my firetruck shoes!"

That night he attempted to wear the shoes to bed, but settled for lining them up by the door inside his room. Then the following morning, I was awakened to find him at my bedside wearing the shoes at 6am. He said something like, "I happy now mom. I wake up and put on my fire fighter shoes and I run and run!" Apparently he was running in the dark apartment as I slept, watching his shoes light up. I was really wishing we could both go back to what we were doing. Me sleeping, and him occupying himself by running.

We also got some great sandals thanks to Amanda and her mom Caryn with a gift card for his birthday they gave us. He actually voluntarily wore those today when we went to the store. First pair of footwear to grace his small feet since the firetruck shoes have entered his life. I was surprised and glad to see that he was willing to deviate to something else.
This is real deal, folks.
Fire truck shoe glamour shot. 
Attempting to incorporate the shoes into his bedtime ensemble. He picked out that pajama shirt, which matches perfectly with his pants. 
My dad is flabbergasted with how the car seat buckles work. Caleb thinks this is hilarious.
Walking to the mall, pre-shoe transformation. 
Post-shoe purchase, where a majority of the time he tried stomping his feet so his shoes would light up. Somehow, this photo was captured during his dinning/foot stomping dinner experience. 
Bedtime that Sunday night after his bath. I asked him, "Caleb, are you a burrito?" He answered, "No, I a baby. " 
I'm not much better than he, if these shoes warranted their own post. But really, what's not to love? Happy Boy, Happy Mama! Thanks to my dad for getting him the shoes and some really cool socks as his birthday gift! Perfect!