No Green Thumb Here

I got a lovely lavender plant for my birthday from Haylee. It smells delightful and is full of all sorts of promise. I don't usually get plants, but any plant that does cross into my possession gets the usual question from me. And that is, how long will this one live? Not that it is my goal to kill them, not at all. But my lack of green thumb abilities has been noted throughout my life. Starting at our C. Street house with Heather. I was supposed to keep the plants and grass alive for Amy while she was away with Christy in Romania. Despite my regular attempts at watering and literally being attacked by ants (Heather can attest to this), the grass died anyway. Possibly the plants as well. Years later, Jessie and I thought it would be a great idea to get our own potted plants. Again, those died a hideous death even though we watered them. I know there is a plant science. Different plants need different things. But really, there has been no times where I have successfully cultivated the life of a plant. Humans? So far so good. Animals? As far as caterpillars, dogs, cats, and rabbits go: Check. We won't talk about the nasty fish Jessie had when we lived in San Dimas that all died disgusting and horrendous deaths. But hey, those were her pets.

The year before last I attempted to have a poinsettia plant in the spirit of Christmas. Well, that was just stolen right off my porch. People are cheap. They have to steal that plant from a single mom's door step to make their lives more festive. Uncool. Either way, I do love flowers. I love having them. I just can't be responsible growing them. So, cut flowers in a jar from a store is the way to go for me. But then again, I am too cheap to buy them. Although sometimes I will, because they bring such life into a space.

All this to say, I did not inherit my moms green thumb. She is super good at growing things and gardens. Sometimes my sister, who is also terrible at plant growth, will have yet another plant at death's doorstep, and my mom will pick it up from her house and nurse it back to life. Some people are just born with it.

So, cheers to the hopeful life of this lavender plant! I have already dutifully watered the lavender plant and put it in a very sunny spot. We'll see what happens. I have my hopes.