Small Weekly Update in Photos

Lunch on Sunday, the day after Caleb's birthday. I was unaware of this sour face Caleb was making.  To his credit, he was in the middle of chewing a burrito. I don't know what else I was expecting. We'll call it a funny/sweet photo. 
A moment after the above burrito picture.  
Caleb had school pictures on Tuesday. Here were the varying reactions I received for wanting to document his Spring school picture outfit. 
I was free on Tuesday night because Caleb was with his dad. I went to South Coast Plaza and shopped and returned something. Because I am not a shopper, I only shopped at one store and it was nice. One store was all I could handle haha. 
I also went to eat dinner by myself at one of my old favorite restaurants there called Quatro Cafe. Back in my Nordstrom days, I sometimes ate lunch there due to their amazing mall employee discount. I think I got pasta and a salad for $5 or $7. It was nice to just go somewhere and treat myself like that. 
Here is Caleb reporting an emergency on that tiny Playmobil sized walkie talkie. Can you even see it? "Mom! I have another 'mergency." His voice deepens when he is in rescue mode. 
This is me today. I know people tell me this isn't the case, but I can't help but feel like I resemble the young version of my mom. She does looks different though, being full Taiwanese.