The not so Easter weekend update.

1. Easter bunnies continue to freak me out. Not cute or endearing in any foreseeable way. Maybe I am just forever tainted by the association to the worst rabbit ever...Frank. From Donny Darko.

Case in point, this hilarious, adorable, scary picture of baby Grace with a giant rabbit:
With the small hands of a normal sized human, this freaky large bunny is an Easter mainstay. And we now have this gem of a photo to laugh at for years to come. Somehow, Grace manages to make this picture so cute, being as happy as can be cuddled up this giant fluffed rabbit. Seriously, look at her delight. Ha!

It also should be noted that Caleb has never been photographed with any such rabbit, as he would have never shared in Grace's delight over such things. Too funny. 
2. Thursday Caleb and I took the laundry to the laundry room. I told him to stay by the line at the apartment, but instead found him running outside by the car on the grass. Because of this, I took his hand and did not let him play outside by the laundry. When we got to the laundry, he said he was thirsty and kept trying to lick the water off the washing machine doors. Sick! He is strong willed and tests me every moment. If only I was as scary as his grandfather.

3. Sunday was Easter. Quick recap: Wonderful church service at Journey, followed by an active Caleb refusing to nap. I was beat. I have been sick and just could not keep up. Luckily, his Nana was nearby and picked him up. I slept for 2 hours and picked him up after. Later we had a small dance party, which might have been the most active I was all weekend.

4. I got my nails done on Saturday. Manicure and pedicure. This never happens. I think the last time I did something like this was mid to late 2012. I just don't spend money on these things, even though I like getting it done because I am terrible at doing it myself. Anyway, it was a treat from my mom and sister. I felt like I was primped up and pampered like a princess. I don't like feeling like that. It felt strangely wrong and odd in a sense, but still so nice. I thought of the women doing this for me and wished they could have a similar experience. They must work so hard touching so many nasty feet. Gross. But I appreciated it.
Sporting the nail color as a trial. I picked red for "firetruck red" in honor of  Caleb and his upcoming  firetruck  birthday party. 
5. Jessie and I finally went to eat at this place called The Daily Grill. I have heard it is for old people, but I've always wanted to go because everyone from my office has gone multiple times, and Caleb's grandfather loves their chicken pot pie more than any other. We went. I got the pot pie. And it was goood. Also a treat from my sister and mom. :)

Dark restaurant =dark photo. But check out that glowing chicken pot pie. MMmmm....
Jessie and I at work. For some reason she looks dwarfed in size next to me. In reality, she is taller than me by around 2 inches.
Have a great week!