I Fall, He Lifts Me Up.

Thank You God for second, third, fourth...infinity chances.

I fell off my horse yesterday. I felt like all my progress was dashed because of this. I was just ignoring God. Didn't really engage with him at all. I did what I wanted to do. I didn't care about anything else. And today, because of this, I felt regression. I felt like my growth and progress was gone. I tried remembering that when we get down, He lifts us up. But I wasn't feeling very lifted up. Then my friend Gemma talked with me and reminded me of a few things.

We can hit that reset button. We can start again. And we are not alone.

My worth is not determined by my mistakes or my apathy or my feelings of failing. Those things don't even represent the truth. My worth is determined by the Living God. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. Other times, we are just not strong enough. And too often, we let other people and voices, darker ones, unhealthy ones, come in and steal our health, our progress, and our God given joy.

Just remember who you belong to. Remember who brought you out of that darkness. Remember who set you free. 

Yes friends, thank the Lord for second chances. Today I am reclaiming this freedom that was given to me. Today, I will get back up.