Weekly Update-Mid May!

I have totally slacked on any updates of any kind. This is more of a...mid May update.

1. As a follow up in my blog post No Green Thumb Here, here is what became of the lavender plant Haylee gifted to me for my birthday. I should never be entrusted with the life and care of a plant. It's not even an enjoyable experience for either the plant, or myself. Sure enough, the plant began to die 5 days after it came into my possession. 
Caleb was no help. Out of concern for the dying plant, he proceeded to lay the plant down several times.

I revived it with lots of water and sun. However, it inevitably took a turn for the worst. I threw it out yesterday. Me and plants don't mix people. I prefer cut flowers

2. Speaking of cut flowers, Caleb and I brought his Nana some flowers for  Mother's Day. Here he is delivering them!
3. My mom and sister got me these flowers for Mother's Day. So nice! I also received a Mother's Day cake and plant (yes, another plant) from Kaitlin and John Todd.  I have more faith in this plants survival though, since it is meant for the desert and looks plastic.
4. This ring is from my grandmother in Taiwan. Usually I am not a yellow gold fan, but I like it. It's not too yellowy. It is thin, not too wide or thick, and has pretty etching on it. Plus, it is significant. 
5. This ring is from Jessie from Ireland. I love it because it is from her, but also because of why she picked it for me. After reading the card it came with that talked about the history behind the Celtic Knot,  she knew that this ring and its meaning was for me.
According to the card, "[In creating the Celtic Knot], Monks would work with infinite care to illustrate the gospels...Celtic culture is interwoven with stories, and the Celtic Knot tells a tale of enduring love. It reflects the convergence of mind, body, and spirit...The twists and turns of the Celtic Knot symbolize the timeless nature of the human spirit. With no beginning and no end, this intricate decoration is a sign of eternal life and never ending love." How beautiful and fascinating is that?! I am very flattered that she read this card and knew me well enough to know this is something I would love. I am not Irish at all, but Caleb is half Irish (and Jessie is almost full), so this makes it even more significant to me. 
6. This beautiful mama (Amanda) joined the 26 club this month. Woo woo! Here we are during her bday weekend.
7. There is lice at Caleb's school right now. The worst. I have never been inflicted with lice before, and hope this does not befall on me now. I found myself eyeing the children at his school with suspicion, wondering which head may stealthily be carriers of the bugs. So far, they are all clear after sending home the girls with lice yesterday. 

8. As an ending note, I just wanted to throw in a picture of Caleb, Jessie and Indie. Because of Indie, Caleb thought that he also was a dog. He ate grass, panted, sat, and walked like a dog. He even hopped up on the couch like the dog and spoke through barking.