A Balboa Afternoon!

You always hear about mothers that watch their kids while they sleep. I don't really do that. But sometimes, I do go into his room and just watch him. Never for very long, but enough to be taken in. There is something different and special about a sleeping child. Their bodies and minds are totally at rest. And in their faces is this peace, as they are completely relaxed. Their minds are transported into dreamland, or maybe they are just in this deep, dreamless rest. It's almost magical.

While they are in this state, no matter what sort of day you have had with these kids, seeing them in this magical state of rest has the power to just melt it all away. You can just look at them and think of who they really are as they were made to be. Tonight, as I gazed upon Caleb while he slept, I thought about how he was Spencer. I always do, he really is so similar in incredible and crazy ways. But this time I thought, he is me as well. And he is him. It's an amazing thing, this collision of persons wrapped up into one. I always hope he gets parts of me too. I see every day how he got Spencer in him. All the time. But me? It's lost on me more. Tonight, somehow I saw it. And when I did, I began to think about how glad I am to have this little guy to take on new adventures. Then I thought about our latest adventure. 

Saturday afternoon, we finally left the house and headed to Balboa Island. I always thought about taking Caleb there and just never have. Well, Saturday, we picked ourselves up and we went. Right when we got into the island, there was a line of cars we had to wait in. I was apprehensive about how all of this would pan out with Caleb and parking and the possibilities of getting lost one way or the other. It was all fine, and it was a lovely little trip to take. We found a parking spot and we headed over to the Original Frozen Banana stand for a frozen banana. I had never had one before, and all this Arrested Development talk finally got to me. I wanted to try it. Caleb ended up eating most of it. What I didn't realize about going to Balboa, is that you have to pay in cash at a lot of places. Had no idea and no cash. These kind women bought us the banana for Caleb. She knew I had told him he could get one. 

After the banana stand, we kept walking and ended up walking by the harbor with all the boats. Caleb was most intrigued by the privately owned piers that I did not let him access, and all the boats. He wanted to get on them. We managed to walk across the island and find our way to the ferry. Caleb was very excited. Once again, cash was needed for the ticket but I did find an ATM. We rode across on the ferry. Caleb observed all that was going on, of course. He made note of the surrounding boats, the cars coming onto the ferry, the passengers, and the whereabouts and direction of the other ferry. 

On the way to Balboa Island.
He was pretty jazzed for life.
He now also likes to make note of street names that we are driving on, what direction the other cars on the street are headed, what direction we are turning as opposed to not, and other general traffic things. Today he told me that I could not make a U-Turn in the street that we were parking on. I wasn't doing that, but he must have thought that's what I was doing because I was parallel parking. He knew I couldn't make a U-Turn because the street wasn't wide enough. So, I have a 3 year old letting me know these things. It will only get worse from here, I know. :)

Anyway, we wandered into a nautical museum and the arcade, and then we ate dinner. Caleb was most interested in the mechanical shark bull. He wanted to ride it. Nearby grown men chuckled when they overheard him requesting several times to ride the shark bull himself. No, the answer was always no. I did think though, that if he were magically successful at this shark bull riding feat, it would make a great you tube video. Ha. 

We were able to find our way back to the car and back home, something I will admit to be slightly worried about. I worry about getting lost when I am not confident about my directions. But it worked out very well.

When I was walking throughout the island, I kept seeing pictures everywhere in my mind. Shots I could take that were unique, beautiful and random. There was the smiling old lady on the porch of a house. She had the best grin and this poofy white hair. There was this purple house with green trimmings. Imagine what it must look on the inside? Perhaps it is perfectly bland. Even if that is the case, it was still awesome. There were door ways and gates and window panes...so many that were interesting, colorful, and different. I didn't actually take any of these pictures. But I did take these: 
Welcome to Balboa, first-timer.
Looking out on his first ferry ride.

So glad we can take little adventures to new-to-him places.