Beauty Bursts

This morning, as usual, I dropped Caleb off at his school. Some mornings are awesome. Others, not so awesome. And still others, terrible. As in, a teacher holds him back as he reaches forward for me desperately crying, "MOmmmmYYY!!!" That is always the worst. Today was in between, with some neediness, but no over the top drama. Thank God.

I walked through the lobby of his school to drop him off at his classroom. I noted the many different families that drifted in and out of the doors and that hung around in the atrium. Even in that short period of time, I saw so many different cultures and nationalities represented. There was a dad and his little boy, who practice the Sikh faith. The dad sat by his boy as he fixed his shoes. Every time I see him, he is always so kind and loving. I saw another family with an Asian mother kissing her girls and touching their hair. I saw a Caucasian father who dropped off his kid and rushed through the front doors wearing way too much cologne. Then there was me, the unshowered + no make up, rushed, single working mom, taking her boy to his class. There were children from biracial families, mixed ethnicity (like myself and Caleb), and some, full blooded in wherever they might be from.

Isn't this what beauty looks like? So much beauty within those school walls. Just bursting out and forward. These kids who are indeed, the future. I love how far we have come from the days when MLK Jr. marched for freedom and equality. I love that Caleb can have all these marvelous, different friends and be exposed to so many different kinds of people from different kinds of cultures. I love that his school has so many different kinds of beauty. They beauty of their minds, art, voices, and developing thoughts. The beauty of their difference and their similarities. And the beauty of children, growing, learning, breathing, laughing, fighting, and experiencing life together.

You know what I noticed in that brief time of simply dropping off my boy? Besides these giant bursts of beauty? How again, we are all different, but still, so much the same. We are different in our cultures and beliefs, but we are united through love. And we are united through the blood we share in our hearts and bodies. We are united through these children that we pool together at that school. This is just another example of how being present in our every day life can communicate so much beauty. Even in the rush of getting to school, we can see an incredible amount of life unfold. And we can see these universal depths of love between families and children. I am the same as that Sikh father watching his boy fix his shoes. I am the same as that Asian mother kissing her babies goodbye. In this way, we speak the same language. And that, is a remarkable, beautiful thing.

[As a side note: In my family alone, I have an Irish, Chinese, and Italian son, a Guatemalan step father (whose esteemed photos you see on this blog sometimes), a full blooded Chinese mom, a sister who is half Chinese and German, a full blooded Italian biological father, and myself, who is Chinese and Italian. That is quite the compilation! Whew!]

[Another side note: I just noticed this post is my 100th one! Wowee!]