Being Present!

Yesterday Jessie and I went to PF Changs with a giftcard I got months ago. We gorged ourselves on egg drop soup (my lifelong favorite), lettuce wraps, sweet and sour chicken, and honey chicken. Then we made the wreckless decision to get TWO FULL SIZED desserts. No one needs such things, but we got it. And loved it. The end.

Literally, our bill was almost exactly $50, which was the amount of the gift card. After dinner, we saw the new Superman movie "Man of Steel". We loved it, of course. We thought Russell Crowe did an excellant job in his role, as well as Henry Cavil and the actors who played his earthly parents. I have always loved Superman. I used to read the novels. I am not sure if I still own them anymore. Sadly they are either gone, or packed away.
You better believe that cake is all gone now. Sigh. 
She was quite giddy about all this.

 Today was Caleb's Preschool Musical. He had four songs he has prepared for with his class. As I suspected, it did not happen. He was upset the whole time. When he finally calmed down to join his class, he burst into tears the moment his class sang the first song. We ended up just leaving and getting dinner instead.

Moments before they began their program. He and Matthew, the boy next to him, cried soon after the singing began. 
This is the happiest Caleb looked the whole time. He wanted to leave long before this point. 
Life just passes us before our eyes. We just have to look up, and see it. Be present. Get out of our thoughts and our heads. Get off of our gadgets and phones. Put down those dishes you are washing and stop doing whatever you are doing. I will admit, I am so terrible at this. So terrible. I am never just present. I think it would be easier if I had more time. Also, I am known for excessive pictures. This isn't super helpful in the "being present" category. I am present through a lens. I put the lens down, but it is still there.

It just seems like so many random, normal, every day moments are filled with this rich beauty that we can so easily fail to behold. Some of the most beautiful times I have had are simply being. Being with myself, or with people, or with the environment around me. There have been times where I have sat back and just soaked in what was happening or who I was talking to. For example, Jessie's mom Beverly is so animated when she tells stories. I used to sit at her table and just watch her as she engaged in a story about her day or some student she encountered. Those moments felt rich to me. Seeing her in her element, sharing her joys and horrors of the day. And I was present.

Other times are with my friends. Again, there is this great beauty I miss about being with them. Seeing them, watching them smile or laugh or just be their own people. Watching them live life. I miss that. And I knew when we lived together at school, it would come to an end and never be the same. So I fully soaked it in, drank in their personality, laughter, stress, cooking attempts, and all the other little and big things that made up the vibrancy of this life we shared. Isn't that what is part of seizing the day? I think so.

So yes, I royally suck at this now. It could be worse I guess. I make a usual effort of getting out and going places. But it's just not the same as being present in the moment. Out of your head and in the moment with yourself, surroundings, and people. That's apart of seizing the day.

I actually should seize my night and get off this computer now. Haha...Adios!