Boy Turned Dino.

This morning I laid in bed until the last possible moment. This resulted into a rush out the door, and me giving Caleb applesauce and a cereal bar he spotted in the cabinet to eat in the car. While we were walking to the car, I went to go throw out the trash. Caleb said he was going to run ahead to the car because he was "going to win the race". I tossed the trash into the dumpster, then heard abrupt and hysterical crying. I knew what this meant. Injury or fall? No. It meant his cereal bar had either fallen to the ground out of the bowl, or worse, split in half and broke. Sure enough, I reach the scene to see the cereal bar lying on the sidewalk that had fallen out of his bowl. Caleb was in hysterics. I brushed off the cereal bar, picked up that bowl, and carried on. Sure it is a little nasty it was on the sidewalk, but running late to work + bawling child + no more cereal bars at home=MAKING IT WORK. Even after the horrible offense of him dropping the bar was over, he still had some after shock crying. I guess the experience was just too terrible for him. It always is when it comes to any compromise with food. Or sharing (actually he can be randomly good about this). Or random food that gets cut up or broken. Any of these things can result into instant and spontaneous melt down. Luckily this time, he still had that bar... ;)

During the child drop off, I was slightly frazzled and rush, but not enough to fail to notice the bursts of beauty occurring all around me. People living life and loving, in natural and beautiful ways. Love it. That's why I wrote the random reflection about it today...which was post 100!

In other news, I picked Caleb up from school today to find him EATING LEAVES OFF OF THE BUSH. That's always good. I made him spit out as much as he could, but leaf juice and leaf bits where all over his mouth, lips, in his spit, in his teeth. Sigh...Boys. A little girl just stood by, stunned and speechless at what was unfolding before her eyes. He seemed partial to eating bushes and a tree branch, as he told me that beavers do this. Regardless of this incident, he is still full of good advice these days. Later at home, I was dealing with a drawer in his room that is broken and in need of repair by someone other than me. Caleb told me to call an ambulance. The man has an answer for everything. And that answer is often: Ambulance. Or monster truck.

Today he told me that he is Batman and that I am Spiderman. I resented this because out of all the superheros, I would rather be Batman or Superman. I mean, I like Spiderman, but I prefer to be the others. We tried sharing Batman, but he wasn't liking that, since HE was Batman. Let's just say that I succeeded in being called Superman by the end of the night. This small victory went like this, "Uh mommy...Superman..." Yea. He was calling me mommy, then changed course mid sentence to the proper name for today. Score. ;)

We were able to squeeze a walk in after dinner. Also, a successful and speedy bath time. Oh, and he ate all his dinner which included carrots, chicken (that he mixed with his beans) and oranges! Yes! A fruit other than apples was consumed AS WELL AS A VEGETABLE! AND CHICKEN! (His relationship with chicken is...difficult). I feel pretty victorious about these endeavors. Like writing this gives an inner happy dance. What has motherhood done to me?!

Some pictures, of course-
Caleb conspiring to dive into the pond with the ducks. Gross.
Perhaps realizing how foul that pond water really is. He did later acknowledge this, after all.  
Boy turned dinosaur.
When he saw these pictures, he said, "There's a dinosaur!" 

After bedtime came and went, I went into his room expecting him to be asleep. He was singing and counting loudly for awhile, and it had been silent for a good amount of time. I found him laying in his bed, arms to his side, wide eyed. He saw me come in. Clearly pleased with my appearance in his room, he smiled.

"I love you", I told him. 
He replied, "I love you too".
A moment of beaming smiles, a hug, and kisses were exchanged.
Then he sat up and give me a kiss on the shoulder.