First June Weekly Update

This past week was rough. Just rough. Thank God for loving, patient, kind friends. Here are some things we did this week:

Jessie, Caleb and I visited the Rainforest Cafe for the first time. Caleb had a love/mostly hate relationship with the place. He loved the giant frog. The roaring gorillas, simulated thunderstorm, and overall dark atmosphere was particularly loathsome to him. One moment he would be chumming it up with the frog, the next he would be in my lap, holding on for dear life when the gorillas would come alive.
 We also visited a park new to us, called Echo Run Park. Here are some pics from that:
My friend Amanda and I went with Jackie and her young adult group to see Hillsong. I think what I love, besides the Hollywood Bowl itself, is seeing thousands of people packed in. I like watching the crowds. So many people, presumably all there for Jesus. Or just Hillsong. Or maybe because a friend brought them. Whatever the reason, it is kind of a cool, surreal, somewhat overwhelming thing to see. At the very least, it reminds me to think of others through the lens of how Jesus might. It's a really hard thing to do, and I go through periods of doing better and worse with this. Lately, probably worse with just feeling angry, sad, resentful, and frustrated about things. Even still, I am totally blessed by my friendships and family who so evidently care and love so well.
Also throughout the week, I was of course, with this guy. Playing random games. I think this one is when we were muddy and needed to go for a wash. The blanket is like a car wash of sorts.
 Ate sweets, of course:
 Also my mom came over for a visit yesterday. These are usually more rare occurrences. She gave me this gold cross that was made by my grandma. The cross was picked out by my Tall Aunt. I wont really wear it since it is too soft from being such pure gold. But I feel pretty special having something that seems like some type of new family heirloom!

At the Spectrum with "Chinese Grandma".