Running with Toddler.

Yesterday I picked this guy up from school. He was pretty into his crackers. What I did not tell him, was that Jessie was coming over for dinner and a run. If I dare even mention that she is coming, I get a constant barrage of Jessie whining and yearning for Jessie. 
The other day she was coming from LAX after dropping someone off. I get: "MOM, TRAFFIC FROM LOS ANGELES"..."MOM, I'M GONNA TAKE MY ROCKET SHIP OUTSIDE TO SHOW JESSIE." (Rocket ship=New stroller) "JESSIEEEEEEEEEE. I WANT TO GO TO JESSIE'S HOUSE. MOM. CAN WE GO TO LOS ANGELES?" ..."JESSIE I NEED YOU TO COME FROM THE AIRPORT, Kay?"..."Hey DUDE! Jessie! I know you are on the airplane OKAY?"..."Jessie is still driving. I think Jessie needs a map. How far is this from California?" It really does go on and on. And then it is just sad because he is just waiting. Painfully waiting. Until she arrives. 
Anyway, all that to say, I did not make that mistake again yesterday. She did come, we ate, and we headed on out for our planned run with toddler in tow! 
(awkward/potentially embarrassing in action jogging shot).
Then Jessie and I wanted to run.
 But of course, so did Caleb.  
Super cute photo, I know. But really, when this happens, it means I don't get to run. I have to watch him stop at a random pump for fire engines, or try to catch up to Jessie as she speeds off and answer him as to why she is so far ahead while he is not. So I try to strap him back into his stroller. Which means I experience a lot of fun, "MOOOOOOOOM I WANT TO RUN!! GIVE ME 'NOTHER CHANCE!" This can go on for a good half mile until I, at this point more exasperatedly say, "CALEB IF YOU WHINE AGAIN YOU WILL GET NO MORE CHANCES!" 
Running with a toddler is cute, yes. But really, you can't actually exercise. We went a distance of over 3.5 miles yesterday, but I don't even feel like it was that great of a run since I was also doing things like picking leaves off of the trees for this child. 
At one point, we stopped and did jumping jacks and a handful of other exercises together. Caleb was a fan. 
Here is Caleb with the champion leaf I so skillfully picked out for him. Why is this leaf so special? Because I had to run many blocks just for that leaf. Caleb would immediately identify any leaf that did not belong to the appropriate tree. Leaves from a bush? Unacceptable. In fact, when he dropped this leaf (3 different times), I had to go back and get it. Lord knows, no other leaf would do.

In other toddler news unrelated to our fitness attempts: Caleb's food pickiness has reached an all time high. Vegetables were already pretty out of the questions except for the occasional carrot, sweet potato, or (only canned) green bean. I could also get him to eat butter nut squash if I was lucky. He will now also refuse to eat fruit he once loved. This includes strawberries and mangoes as his previous favs. Acceptable fruit that he now holds in contempt: watermelon, bananas, and peaches. Literally now the only fruit he will eat, is an apple. Like our friend Anna.  He also refuses to eat any of my smoothies or sneaky veggie breads I have made before like zucchini muffins. Sigh.

I'll admit, these toddlers are pretty cute with their cheeks and small people ways. But they come with lots of not so cute behaviors. Whining is an all time favorite. Or there's the random outbursts of emotion over a piece of food cut up. And the refusal to poop in the potty, leaving the other option their underwear. They also have a knack for waking up their fellow adults at all hours. In general, they may be prone to say things like, "MOOOOOM. MOM. MOM. MOM MOM!!!" Over and over again. They fake cry to go to bed, feign sickness at all times for any reason. And they tell you that they need to eat things like cookies to make them feel better and grow big and strong. False.

Still, they are really somethin', aren't they? Just don't expect any REAL running when your toddler wants to run as well.