Saturday Highlights: Butt cream, Festival, Walk.

When will I ever learn to never let a toddler randomly shut themselves in their room? 

Desitin butt cream. In the grooves and cracks of the train table, wheels and creases of the train, floor, and on his body. The remnants of this mess remains. Try as we did, we just couldn't get it all out. 

We stopped by the Greek Festival down the street today. I usually am interested in anything celebrating and recognizing other cultures. General observations of cultural festivals based off of the ones I have been to so far: Usually just very crowded, somewhat overwhelming, lots of booths selling different things, cultural food and music, and sometimes photos, art and dancing. 

Today we went to the Greek Festival, essentially for the Baklava. We left with A LOT of Greek pastries. And I ate way too much...oye. :( 

As a side note, when Caleb says the word "festival", it sounds a lot more like..."vegetable." Just sayin'.

Caleb has been eyeing the big slide at the festival. He has been intrigued by it when we walked by the slide on our walks. Finally there we were, in front of that huge, daunting slide. I knew if he rode it, I would have to as well. And I am not generally a fan of being rocketed or propelled down slides. I have had much experience with this, and can only hope for smooth landings. One time I was on a slide that was so jarring, we almost flew off the side as we went down. No joke. 26 year old bodies aren't made for these things. So with this knowledge in tact, I found myself saying, "It looks big and scary", in an effort to sway him from not wanting to try it. Instantly I realized how messed up that is. I should be encouraging him to do it. So I back tracked and encouraged him to do it and said I would do it with him. But no, he was scared and said it was big and scary. Nice one. What he chose to do instead was sit and watch the slide for about 10 minutes. 
I wasn't paying much attention to his deep thinking, as I was eating way too many Greek pastries. He even declined the pastries, as he was studying the whole structure of the slide and how it works. Then, after all that silence, he turned to me and told me all about the slide. He told me of how you enter the gate, get a towel at the end, go up those stairs to the top to slide down. And he decided he wanted to do it. We went to the gate and talked to the lady, saw the different colored lanes for the slide. Again, Caleb was off on his own watching and thinking as the lady and I talked. She told me which lane was faster and which was slower, and couldn't figure out why. I told her why the yellow lane was fastest as opposed to the blue lane, which was slowest. Caleb turned and said he wanted the yellow lane. Nope, vetoed. After the lady told me of how the kids literally just fly down that one, I decided to value my own life and go with the slowest lane possible. 
Anyway, we did it. And it wasn't so bad at all. And we did have a smooth landing. We got our tickets, went up those creaky stairs to the top, and slide down the blue lane. Caleb had no reaction. He must have been thinking the entire time. He didn't smile, speak, or react. He just got up, took my hand, and walked me back to the ticket booth. He didn't speak about it at all. He just waited there to get more tickets to ride again. Well, we didn't do it again because it was 6 bucks, and my cash funds were limited. 

Love the process he went through though, in choosing to be brave and ride that slide. Woo! 
Later at bed time, he told me about that slide and how big and scary it was, but what big fun it was. He also told me about the colored lanes, and which was fastest and why. He couldn't figure out the red lane though. He just said it was faster than a race car. 
 It was actually a pretty lazy day. I found myself in bed more often than what's good. He and Thomas the Train movie had a bit too much quality time. After he took a nap, we eventually left to walk to Sprouts for fruit. 
When we got back from our walk, it was late. Caleb played with toys and I got his bath ready. After his bath, he brushed teeth and picked out his books to read. Then Buchanan, one of my good old friends from college texted me. He wanted to know if I was free to meet up with some of him and his friends at Downtown Disney. I was bummed, because once again, I couldn't leave since I was homebound. I told him this and he answered me saying, 
"It's fine, don't fret. You have something a lot more special than that right now." 
I went back into Caleb's room to lay with him and read books and say goodnight. I was present with him. And I felt this inward smile thinking about those words my friend said. He's right, of course. I have something a lot more special than that right now.