Sunday Snapshots

Getting ready with this monkey can be a challenge. 
Grandma to Caleb car hand off.
Spending WAY too much time inspecting rabbit poop. Ew.
Poop reaction. 
Being coy come picture time. 
"Hup two three four Keep it up two three four..." -The Elephant song from the Jungle Book
Lunch with Grandma and Grandpa. They happened to be in town and asked us to lunch, so it worked out. 
Evening park stop with Jessie and Caleb. Feel free to take notice of Caleb's sweat pants and shoes that are on the wrong feet. Ever since he potty trained, sweat pants have been his favorite pant of choice. He used to always be in cute jeans or pants. Now? Sweat pants. Like an old man. Often times, since I try to have him dress himself as much as he can, his pants will be twisted to the side, or more than likely, put on backwards. 
He stood up on this bench with his orange and asked that I take a picture of him. His photo requests are usually out of the blue, so it's amusing to me.

Simple Sunday!