The Fun Run

My good friend Regina had an extra ticket for the The Color Burst 5k Run, and asked if I wanted to join her, her husband, and their friend. I have never been apart of an organized run like this in my life. As a child in elementary school, there was the Dino Dash. Then in PE, there were runs. All of which were forced and mandatory. This is the first time I have ever agreed to any sort of organized event for a fitness related activity. Sure, it is easy, since it is only a mere 3 miles. But as of now, I can't run 3 miles straight. I can only run/jog/walk it. This is because I don't maintain any real level of fitness. Half the time, when I am not at work,  I am trying to get Caleb to eat his food or do one of the many other after school things we have to do. So, this little run has so far been perfect to get us out and moving more. It's only been 3 days of "training", but it's been great! And by training I mean...getting outside to walk/run. Jessie decided to do the run with us, so we have been "training" together.

On Monday, we planned to take Caleb in the stroller and walk to Target after I got off work and we had dinner. I got home from work where Jessie was making sliders and jamming to music. We ate sliders and delicious ice cream, and then did a 2.4 walk/jog to Target and back. It was a success. And the reason I was not sure how it would be, is because Caleb doesn't like staying in the stroller. On our way back, he didn't. Instead, he ran right along with us! It was cute. 

Actually, while doing our Target run/walk, I found Caleb to be quite the coach. At one point, Jessie was pushing him while I ran. He was yelling and singing, "Go Mama, Go Mama, Run! RUN!" It was a catchy little tune, and when I would hear him, it propelled me forward. Funny how that happens. 
Jessie & Caleb at Target. Caleb was IN LOVE with these sunglasses. 
Who could blame him? 
Tuesday night, I met with Nikki and Jessie in Tustin and we walked in that neighborhoods. I only know we went for about 45 mins. 

Yesterday, Caleb and I met Jessie and the Cedar Grove Park. We walked into Peter's Canyon. It wasn't impressive by any means, but it is harder with Caleb and the stroller. Plus he was home sick with me yesterday, so I wasn't sure if we would make it or not. I am so glad we did! 

Obviously this isn't real training, but for us, just being able to get out there after I work all day and deal with Caleb, is an accomplishment. Today my goal is to do a local 3.1 mile walk by my house after dinner. Hopefully Caleb is cooperative and we can make it happen! 

I think my main goal in all this, is just to get out there and move. It's always had with Caleb because he can be so cranky after school, so it's usually a challenge. 

It's nice to have something fun and easy to work towards. Especially something with friends that should be fun! I have ran and exercised on my own before, and build up endurance fast, but as I said, this is the first time I am apart of an actual organized run. So far, it's been great!