Weekly update with far too many walking pictures.

1) Caleb was outside playing with his friends and classmates when I arrived to pick him up from school the other day. I like to watch him from afar as he plays with his friends, before he notices me. Today I was watching him play on the play structure with 3 or 4 other little boys. A four year old girl was a few feet from me, staring at me as I watched Caleb play. She continued to stare at me as she was scoped out my high heels, tights, and dress. It was funny but I pretended not to notice. Finally she spoke up and asked me, "What are you doing?" I told her I was watching Caleb. She knew exactly who he was. She stuck by me, telling me about the friends he was playing with and how she goes to Chinese class to learn the language even though she is not Chinese. I told her Caleb and I were Chinese. She didn't believe me. Finally Caleb noticed me and came running to give me a big hug. She took note of this and said, "He is messing up your hair." "He always does", I replied. "I never mess up my mommy's hair." I told her, "He always does." These differences between girls and boys are always funny to me. Caleb has never has never cared about my hair. I usually don't care, but sometimes I do when we are just leaving and he pulls it all out. Even then, it is just irrelevant information to the guy.

2) I cannot believe how expensive Disneyland is. It is truly shocking. Regardless of this absurdity, I just want to say that JESSIE AND I ARE GOING TO DISNEYLAND NEXT TUESDAY! WOO!!!! My mom offered to send us, and we are so excited!!!

3) Fun Run prep is well underway. And by that, I mean....I go on walks. I am happy to report that I have the use of a BOB Jogging stroller. And it is bad-ass. I love it. It works SO much better than my Graco. It just happily glides and bounces along. Takes turns like it was made for them (and actually, I guess it was! How about that!). Bumpy loud bridge? No problem, that stroller just silently eases across. Unlike my Graco, which was SO LOUD. Caleb made note of this many times. Thanks to Caleb's Nana for letting me use it! It is her stroller, but currently parked at my house for so we can use it. So great!

And here I will now commence with way too many walking pictures over the last few days:

Some walks are a fight, and I bribe him with food. I realize that is a lot of cheerios. Opps. 
But hey, it worked. :)
No wonder I can't get a real run in around here.
Blame the piggy back hitch hiker. 
Oh, hello rock star stroller. Caleb calls it his rocket ship and his Speedster race car. Rightfully so, little man.
One long walk and an accident later...he is passed out. 
 4) Tonight Jessie and I are going to PF Changs for dinner and to see Superman! Woo!!! I love Superman. He is my favorite superhero. I used to read Superman novels. Sadly, they are probably all gone now. Not sure, most of my books are unfortunately packed away due to the absence of a much needed bookshelf in my life. Anyway, I have a gift card from PF Changs, so it sounds like a perfect time to use it. I plan to eat a lot. In preparation, I only ate honey Corn Flakes for lunch.

Have a good week!