Sporadic and Random Update + Unplanned & Short Rant.

1) We moved over the weekend. Caleb has been all for it. 
I got Caleb a moving present. It was time he had a new bike anyway. When he took the bike for a spin the first time, these boys were at the park with their skateboards. When we first arrived, one of the boys asked if Caleb's bike was new, and seemed rather impressed with it. He said, "Cool bike." I felt pretty cool. You know, being validated by the 8 year old on the playground. Pretty sweet stuff.  
One boy had a phone. I have no idea if it even worked to make calls, but you could set it to ring. He warned me to stay calm because it would make a loud sound. I assured him that I would be okay. Usually I love watching the boys interact and play. These boys were a little older than the usual crowd of kids, who huddle around bushes looking for spiders to fight and varying other bugs to use as prey. They seemed a little more focused on being cooler, and were quite serious with themselves. I was amused, as always. Especially with the timely warning I received about potential loud sounds that was supposed to come out of that phone. No such sound was ever made. Perhaps it was a defect.
Here is Caleb watching them with his bike. Oh actually, it is a "motorcycle" or, "motorbike". Yes, I am corrected when I make this error when talking to Caleb.

 2) The week we moved, Caleb made some appearances as a firefighter. Here he is getting his gear on:
Good thing he is always around to save the day. 

3) Caleb and I went on a cupcake date to Sprinkles on Sunday. Their cupcakes were so rich, yet so delicious. I instantly felt the sugar in my body in a bad way. My gosh. 
4) Caleb is overall, a very sweet and happy boy. He has been making better efforts in listening to me. He did get in trouble this Sunday morning for not doing what I asked, and cried a few times. I attempted to explain why he was in trouble, and he eventually calmed down and was fine. I thought I would try to pray with him about it, and as I praying, I said, "Help Caleb listen to his mommy more, and help mommy be..." I was going to say "more patient", but Caleb interrupted and said, "a good mama." I asked him if he meant that I needed to be a good mama, or if I was. He said that I was a good mama. That was unexpected and sweet after he got in trouble that morning. 

5) Last night I was trying to adjust the refrigerator rack and eventually succeeded. It is a simple adjustment, and yet of course I struggled to move up the rack for a good 10 minutes. Meanwhile, I had a 34 pound toddler hanging on my back, trying to "help". After some time had passed with no success of moving that shelf, Caleb told me, "Daddy is big and strong." I told him, "Daddy's not here." Then he told me that I was pretty, but Daddy is big and strong and so is he. I said, "Mommy is pretty, and big, and strong." That is the one time I have ever called myself pretty. He first disagreed and told me I was just pretty, not big and strong. After I told him again that I was all these things, he seemed on board. Where do kids get this stuff from? I could go on a rant about this, but I'll save it. 

Actually no, this really makes me mad. Somehow these things continue to be taught to our kids. That mommy is just pretty, while daddy is big and strong. I think it is important to teach our children that women and men have different strengths. Being pretty is fine, but teaching our kids to look for other qualities is important. I want him to tell me what he likes about people as in their virtues as a person. And have those qualities not be tied to their gender. I want him to know that mommy is strong, and smart, just as he thinks she is pretty. And it is true, I am weak. Like physically week. It took me a whole 10 mins to move a shelf. But I am very strong in other ways. I could go on and on, but even now, I see how Caleb is being told that girls are princess. Girls like dolls. Girls are pretty. Tell me about how girls are observant. Funny. Kind. Inquisitive. Imaginative. Explorative. Lets use these words when talking about our babies, girl and boy a like. Lets stay away from just trying to make a baby girl more "girly" by imposing things on her that we think fit due to her gender. Caleb likes all very stereotypical boy things. I love that because that is him. But he also seems to like baby dolls, he likes to learn and explore and grow by caring for them in ways he has been cared for. I think that is awesome, and I will be ordering a doll for him. I see over and over again how it seems like we send messages about how girls are weak and pretty, and boys are strong. Why don't we focus on building up our girls and our boys and stop this imposition of beliefs that they should do or be a certain way just because they are a girl or boy? People have told my baby son that boys don't cry. Well, that irks me. I want Caleb to know that just because he is a boy, he doesn't have to be strong all the time. He can cry. He can feel. He can express. And guess what, sometimes crying is apart of being strong. Sometimes it is just apart of the human experience. 
Ok I will reel this rant back in before I go on. :) 

6) I have had no food at my house from moving, and am sick of eating out. Just sick of it. Then yesterday when I got home from work, it turns out the fridge was somehow off all day long, and many of the contents of the fridge had gone bad. Ugh.

Random update over. As Caleb as said twice this week, "Mommy, it is a beautiful day, Mommy." Then he said, "The sun is burning in my eyes." Haha. But yes, I love that he notices the day and how beautiful it is. We can all do better if we notice this natural beauty in the everyday like that.