The Color Burst 5k Fun Run

Before & After. 
Jessie and I ran (ahem, walk/jog) the Color Burst 5k Fun Run on Saturday, June 29. Because I had never done this before, I was a little apprehensive about the crowds, heat, and what to expect. Jessie was nervous too. For me, I was also anxious about finding my dear friend Regina in all the crowds. We never found her or her husband Matt, and their little boy Alex. Regina gave me a free ticket to be apart of the run, and I would have never done this without her. So I looked for her for a long time, and was extremely disappointed that we could not seem to find each other. Half way through the run, I had to let it go. Poor Jessie said, "Can we have fun now?" Besides being dehydrated from insufficient water, I think we did. We handled the heat and traffic fine. There was a lot of both, but we are good at just going with the flow of how things unfold. We managed to stay color powder free until the middle of the run, wherein a girl got us both. After that, Jessie got me BIG TIME, and I got her back.

We ended up walking and jogging 6 miles. Strangely enough, after doing this and leaving, we felt pretty awesome about ourselves. We even gloated. I can think of zero other instances of personal gloating. This was really a gem of a first. We just felt awesome for doing it. Haha. In fact, after we picked up Caleb, we told him how cool we were. He disagreed. "No you are NOT COOL! You are DIRTY! STINKY! EWW!" His doubt didn't phase us.  

There were two events at the run. This massive motorcycle rally called, "Born Free" that had thousands of participants and visitors. It was amazing to watch the hundreds of different people going to this event. Jessie and I wished we could attend just to see an aspect of this culture that we are clearly not apart of. So many people of different lifestyles were there. It was fascinating. While we don't personally identify with that, learning about it and talking to others with these differences is incredibly interesting. It's always cool to talk to other people about their passions. And this even was full of people like that. Except one man had on a shirt that said, "Liquor, Strippers, Guns, Choppers." We were admittedly pretty grossed out by most of this shirt. 

Anyway, back to the run. It was at least 100 degrees at Irvine Lake, where the run was held. Getting out of the venue was tough because of the duel large events within the area. We were able to eventually make it out, and ate lunch at In 'N' Out. Among the varied reactions our appearance got from people was a guy who asked us if our appearance was due to a lost bet. Others just watched with curiosity, or made other enthusiastic comments. We picked up Caleb, who talked much about our paint and how dirty we were. He didn't want me to touch him at all. It was funny.

We all decided to go get some Golden Spoon before heading home. More people talked to us about the run, and it was really cool! I think we both enjoyed talking to the random people we did about it. One older woman told us about how she used to run for years before she got older. We didn't tell her about what sad amateurs we are, and that we walked and jogged.

For me, this event has caused me to not be afraid of trying it again, or making it a point to get out and run more with Caleb. It was good for me to try and make it more of a practice with him in the weeks leading up to this event. And actually, I am ready to try another 5k again! Through this experience, I gained a little more confidence in running and getting out to be more active because it has always been a challenge to do that with a toddler. But once we can do it successfully, it's so nice! As long as I can walk or jog if I want. I still don't really push myself like I used to. 
A typical Jessie ensemble.  

In all these pics of me standing like this, I was just searching for Regina. Still. 
Caleb telling Jessie about her "belly backpack" and general dirty appearance.
It was actually quite difficult to scrub the powdered paint off our bodies. After we both showered, there were still parts of color rubbed into our skin. That stuff gets in your pores!

So that's it! I'm already looking into another run to possibly be apart of. Cheers!