The Sort Of Weekly Update

1) How is it, that when Caleb poops in his diaper, it smells so bad? He wears a nighttime diaper. Currently I am sick, and cannot smell. But the other night, I was alive and well. And I could not figure out where the origin of a foul smell was coming from. I knew what it smelled like, but how could it be in my room? How could it be following me into the bathroom? I finally went into his room and checked him. Is was just downright pungent. Eghgh. 

2) Anytime Nutella enters this house, I am done for. It just calls my name until it is all gone. That is why I try NOT to buy it. Today, I caved. It's because I like to make my own crepes. I am WEAKKK!!!

3) Jessie was here over the weekend. I know, it is now Thursday. We did the Color Burst Run, then she just stayed. Sunday, forts were made, we had a "picnic" dinner outside the door, and we went on a brief hike.

During our outside dinner of hamburgers and carrots, I asked Jessie if she wanted something to drink. She said she would get something later. Caleb got up, and came out with this an entire jug of milk. He remembered it was her favorite drink of choice and even offered to pour her some.

Here is Caleb, whining about how he can't put his socks on. I have no sympathy. He can. 
Sunday hike.
Above is the superhero fort of excellence made with a secret entrance Jessie and Caleb built after vacuuming the living room to "make me happy". Simply delightful. 
Night time rendezvous. Caleb chose his fire truck boots and flash light to lead the way.
4) Tonight I made a chicken enchilada casserole for the first time. Just thought I'd let you know. It is my dinner plan for tomorrow. I did buy back up hamburger sliders meat just in case this was a failure. 
Sour cream, much?
Dish photo. After my sampling. 
5) Today I stayed home sick from work. Sick, AGAIN. AGH!!! In fact, Tuesday, I barely made it home. I went straight to bed, and woke up at 9pm. Dang.

6) Tomorrow is 4th of July. I had wanted to run the 5k with Caleb, but due to my recent reoccurrence of illness, I will not be doing so. I hope that we can make it to the parade and possibly to the carnival that they have here in Woodbridge. We will see...

7) Caleb and I made it to Ralphs today. I needed to get sauce for that aforementioned casserole. Also, Nutella, crepe shells, whip cream, strawberries, bananas, Hershys chocolate, marshmallows  and some yogurt also found its way back to my home... DAMN YOU SWEETS!!!! I will blame the holiday for this downfall. I thought smores might be fun for tomorrow. Also, crepes. For me. Just because I love them.

8) Point #7 was supposed to be about what a wild man Caleb was today at Ralphs. Instead it turned into the sugar that overtook my life during that visit. But yea, Caleb was WILD. I mean, the boy was running and being mischievous as can be. I am sure bystanders were mentally shaking their heads at ass. I should have had a cart. Sigh. At one point, Caleb ran to a bag of coal while I was trying to check out. He pulled it out halfway, taunting me with his eyes and his testing grin. Then when I ran after him, he ran laughing, knowing full well what game he was playing. It was out of control.

9) One of my bestest friends ever is going to Uganda very soon as part of her Masters of Water Law program. She will be doing an internship there for 3 months. She is an incredible woman and an amazing friend. And I don't say she is incredible because of the whole Uganda thing. While she is quite the world trekker, the bottom line of what makes her as incredible as she is, is her heart and compassion for others. It's an amazing thing to see. I am talking about Kaitlin, if you didn't know. I've talked about her before. I don't know what is up with this random shout out. I was just thinking about her.

Here we are during her last visit:
Ok. I have to go to bed. Tired, sick, and it is so late. Happy 4th of July, all!