The Wonderment of a Child

I was never a kid person. When I had Caleb, I could not imagine what it would be like. I just knew that he would one day be here. And then a life I could not paint a clear picture of in my mind, would unfold.

What I did not know, was the abundance of life that a single child can bring. This child in particular, is often overflowing with this joyous, uncontrollable rapture. His tiny being bursts forward with this energy and sunlight.
Why is this such a phenomenon to see? Why is it, that as we grow older, this light fades and turns into something different? Why does this light dim? Well, we see and learn things more as we grow. In some ways, this wonder can grow with us, looking differently and turning into other ways of expression and passion. In other ways, it can be crushed by older people in the paths of the younger. But no matter what happens, children are incredibly resilient and strong. We have to give them these opportunities to fail, and then fly.

What I didn't fully understand about kids before I had Caleb, was this natural wonderment they posses. This pure, unfiltered joy and love. It is no wonder Jesus loves children, and told his disciples to "let the little children come". It is no wonder, that he asks us to have the faith of a child. Their belief, their love, their joy, their loyalty, their zeal, and their livelihood is a like a treasure that cannot be contained. It begins in their hearts, glowing and shining forth, affecting those around who choose to pay attention. These little ones are at each moment, on the brink of discovering something new and magical, and once more, teaching us grown ups a lesson.

I have written here before, of how much you give up when you have a child, especially if you did not plan to be a parent at any time soon. I have written about my struggle at the loss of independence, freedom, of giving things up like graduate studies or living somewhere else. While these things have been and are truly hard for me, I have been given this responsibility of this sacred time with this precious, impressionable life. I have been given this joy of life that cannot be learned or gained through grad school or a work. I get to witness this child's creative, hilarious, shockingly astute observations about his world. I get to see a childhood in its health and prosperity, when I myself did not get one. 
I get to be his Mama. How lucky am I? 
Reading with Uncle David before bed.
Where there is Love, there is Life.
Enjoying my blessing of a balcony with my dear friend and son.
Rock on, little life.
That man on the side kept chuckling to himself anytime Caleb barreled his way down. I don't blame him.
Max? Is that you? (Ref: Where the Wild Things Are).
Bath time battles.
Children at play. Here they are sneaking to the lion monster. 
Hiding in the bush from Mommy.
Apparently this is me when I am mad.

Grumpy at Dana Point.

 A boy and his mom.