Casual random thought list.

1) Jessie and I finally watched Bourne Legacy last night. I have had that movie from the Redbox for so many days, I am not even sure how long. At this point, it is possible I could have owned it. Fail.

2) A few weeks ago, I got this new foundation and primer. It was a chunk of change, but I am really liking it! I am not the best with make up, hair, nails, or any of these other girly sort of things. I just lack the skill. I went into ULTA a few weeks ago and got special brushes when I got these products, doubting I would love it or use it. But I actually have, for once!
Cheesy selfie to show the product I was just talking about.
 Except I don't even know if you can even tell. 
3) I am heavyhearted to hear about the chemical attacks that have taken place in Syria. I am reminded of how lucky we are, that this doesn't happen where we live. It is beyond appalling. Beyond anything I can even say. And you know, we hear about these things here in our safe land, and the question that begs to be asked, is what can be done? What can any of us really do? I honestly have no idea. At the very least, we can stay informed as much as we can. But I had no idea these recent attacks took place until Jessie told me. My news only comes from the internet, and if it isn't on a site I'm browsing, I miss it if I don't know to look for it.

I opened up CNN page today and saw articles on teenagers murdering a WW2 vet and an article about a photographer that was gang raped in Mumbai. It deeply disheartening to hear about such events that take place. Such evil, hateful murderous events. I have nothing to say in response. No solutions. Just a heavy, grieving heart. I know I talk so much about love here. I am always aware of how idealistic that my sound all the time. We humans have such a capacity for love. Yet more than anything, we hear about the boundless tragedies against human kind. I wish we could share more stories of goodness, because they are out there in abundance. I don't even watch the news (due to no TV service), yet there is no escaping the darkness that prevails all over the earth. Babies being stabbed. People from the children to the elderly, dying excruciating deaths from a chemical attack, suicides and murders, and on and on and on. Sometimes my only response, after standing up from the weight of it all, is to push back with love in my own corner of the world. It's not enough. But it's all I've got.

4) There is a new company located in a suite next to my office. The CEO is a chummy, contented, old man who seems absolutely tickled with life every time you see him. He is like the Pillsbury dough-boy Santa. He remembers my name, while I have long forgotten his. Luckily I have his business card that I can now use as review. This cheery little man always chuckles to himself, greeting people like we all belong to the same small town, and  he has twice stopped by my office today just to say hello. It's a different change of pace, and I think I like it.

5) I ordered new dinnerware. Here is the stock photo of it:
And these are the place-mats and napkins I got to go with them:
Currently all my dinnerware is chipped and hand me down from years ago that used to belong to my old roommate. Honestly, I am a fan of it. It is hearty fiesta ware that has lasted a looong time. And I love that each plate is a different, vibrant color. All my dinner plates are fiesta ware, and then I have huge fiesta ware bowls. I also have random other plates, all mismatched and different. I am totally fine with it, but I have had in the back of my mind to finally get my own set of dinnerware that I like and have picked out, instead of the random compilation I currently have. This is what I have ordered online! I don't yet know how well the place mats and napkins go with the dinnerware, so it could get returned depending on how it all looks in person. 

6) Jessie has been hanging at my place. Last night she was over and we went for a quick 2 mile run/walk. I have grown used to living alone, but sometimes when she is over, and we just do our own thing or live life together, I miss roommates. I know I do in general, but sometimes I really miss it a lot. I loved having roommates so much. And when Jessie is over, its just like having her home again. There's no need for entertainment. She just falls right into place, just like she fell right into place into my life when we finally became friends. 

7) The other day I wrote about a guy I was seeing this summer. I sometimes told him that he made me feel more Asian because he is Vietnamese and often seemed to photograph/eat lots of varying Asian food. Because of all this Asian food talk, it's now been in my head to get to my one of my favorite Chinese restaurants Yen Ching. So tonight, my sister and I are going!!! She loves it, so it will be a perfect "sister outing" for us. Woo!

Have a good weekend friends!