Put in my place by my 3 year old.

I am tired. I have been staying up late working on different things. Late at night, around 1 or 3AM, Caleb will either come rushing out of his room and into my bed, or slowly trudge over with his blankie dragging behind him.

I am the least patient and the most short tempered when I am tired. I am irritable and grumpy. None of it is very extreme, but it is present within my being. I am not a fan of this sort of thing, but being woken up by a 34 pound boy who is either speaking or singing loudly, body slamming me, or jumping, is not the coolest.

This grumpiness doesn't help when I am dealing with a toddler who has to learn to listen. When I say something, I want him to do it. Don't we all? Yes. We do. Instead, he will do 15 other things. Or say, "First I have to color in this dog," or "First I have to read this book." NOOOoooooO! FIRST JUST PUT ON YOUR PANTS CHILD! PLEASE!

Anyway, I get stern and my tone is not nice or friendly. It is more of a "Do it now, please", sort of tone. And this tone has taken over more these days, as I try to get him to do what he needs to do when he is asked to do it.

I have recently started counting to 5, and it has worked every time but once. The one time it didn't work, I gave him a slap on the hand to follow through. He cried, and I felt like a jerk again. But the counting method works.

Today he was supposed to be in nap. He was severely late for nap, and actually never took one. He ended up pooping in his underwear (AGAIN). I pretty much commanded him into the bathroom told him to pull down his shorts so I could clean him up. I don't even know what I was saying, but as we were in the bathroom and I was feeling a little exasperated (and still just very tired), Caleb said to me, "Mom, a mean voice doesn't work. A quiet voice does." 

The sweetness and wisdom in his statement gave me pause. I thanked him for that reminder, and we finished up the tasty task of poop changing.

What a reminder though, from my three year old child. Perhaps the reason why kids so often surprise us, is because we underestimate the wisdom they have to offer the world. Caleb constantly reminds me of his sillyness, humor, wit, astounding memory (like today how he randomly went into detail as to where he got his sandals from that were purchased several months ago, and what other shoes were at the store during the time we were there), and yes, wisdom that imparts life lessons that are so easily forgotten. Thank God for those brilliant pint sized babes, who think and process and share.

By the way, today Caleb joined me at work. He was so good