Weekend Photo Dump Update: Orange Farmers Market, Peters Canyon, Irvine Regional Park & OC Zoo+Activities.

Orange Farmers Market. I much prefer the Farmers Market across from UCI, closer to my house. 
Caleb scored a free loaf of bread! He also received a free eraser, and a $3 juice pop from mom. That Farmers Market was so expensive compared to all the others I have frequented. I did score some delicious artichoke hummus though, among other finds. 
We had lunch at Amy's house. Here is Caleb befriending one of Amy's birds!
He was not into this.
Luckily the bird pooped before it perched on my shoulder.
Me and my new friend!
On the way home from Amy's. She gave him his first dollar bill, and lots of candy. Here is is, after saying he wasn't tired. 
Caleb was not a fan of Peter's Canyon. He wanted to go home soon after we got on a trail. I think going out and doing these things is very important for the both of us for different reasons. For him, there is just not enough opportunity to be in the "wilderness". He is a safe city boy, and he needs opportunities to get out of that often. For me, I always feel more alive in nature. It reignites my senses. I wish I was more skilled and equipped for nature outings. Peter's Canyon is a good, easy place to start. And we WILL go back, whether he likes it or not. :) It's good for him, and worth the effort to try again. 

Voicing his desire to never return.
Easter eggs in August.
Sunday, we went to the OC Zoo at the Irvine Regional Park. He liked this trip a lot more than Peter's Canyon. It was also the first time he really enjoyed the zoo. He had me read the different informational plaques on the animals and would look for which animals were next.
He liked using the map of the zoo to see where we had gone and still needed to go.
His reaction to several goats surrounding me. 
Mountain Lion-The best :)

Great climbing tree.
Caleb was scared in this tree. He really wanted to get up in there because other big boys were doing it with ease. I helped him, and he made it. But he was scared and told me that God was not with him. I told him that he was with him, because he gave him the bravery and determination to make it up there. Caleb wasn't buying it. By the time he was down by the roots of the tree, he told me God was back with him. Haha
While we were at the Irvine Regional Park, Caleb had to pee. He wanted to just go right in the dirt, which I was secretly down with. Next thing I know, he had his pants pulled down and was ready to whizz, but I knew I needed to just find a bathroom. Plus people were walking by, scoffing with horror. We made it to the bathrooms, but they were dark and filthy. Caleb wanted out of there right away, and wouldn't go. We went outside, and he peed all over the sidewalk. I had one dad taken aback with great disapproval. I didn't even know what to do at this point. He should have just gone in the bush, but it was so out in the open. 
He's got a good, hearty laugh.
Painting in the evening. 
He kept trying to persuade me to paint my hands like him. I declined. So he would say, "Come onn!! Comme on!!!" I told him he should respect people's answers and try not to persuade them after they say no. :)