Homeware & Party Weekend Update & The Disequilibrium Child.

1) I got some new dishware. I picked out a whole other set, and after going into the store to look and think about it, I ended up switching to something entirely new. I loved the bowls, so matched the other stuff around that. I know it is just new dishes, so it is rather anticlimactic. But I still took pictures and was a little excited. All these years, since I was 17, I have used hand me down stuff from different people and one of my roommates. I have been totally happy with that, but it was nice to get something new and totally my own that I chose. 

2) I finally decorated a little. I'd like a new look entirely, but that is just time and money I do not have to invest. So I just use what I have for now, which isn't much. I like having colorful, covered walls. And curtains. None of this is happening right now. But these are some of the few changes made: 
Caleb's Art Wall with the magnetic board low enough for him to interact with. The cork board is for other stuff, and probably more art.
Wood quote in the middle a gift from Amanda's mom Caryn. It's in the dinning room with some cheap Etsy prints that I am a fan of. Also-super cheap Target frames. 
These prints are another Etsy find. The frames could be better, but they were cheap $10 frames from Target. Dresser needs something on it. 
Next to the doorway tucked away. My new favorite print (and phone cover) that is from Threadless. I got the frame for $10 bucks at Target and the print for around $6.
Photo wall with that wood quote I found in a little shop in Cambria last year with Jessie. It says, "God Bless the Whole World. No Exceptions." I need to switch out pictures and add a print or two to the wall. I don't love it, but again, this is cheap decorating using what I already have. That lace frame is from Amanda, who gave it to me for my birthday this year. It is meant to be able to write different things on there. Right now it says, "For the law of the Spirit of God has set you free." It's taken from Romans 8:2
3) Today we went to Bre's house for a going away/bday party. Caleb and I brought Clementines, which he was eager to transport. 
At Bre's with Amanda and David! I joked to David that I'll have to call him Handlebar Dave if he keeps growing that
'stache. It was actually was more handlebar-esque before. This is the trimmed down look, so maybe my trucker nickname would not yet work for him. Haha...
Bre & Amy

Bre's daughter, the cabbage patch baby. So adorable.

Caleb and Abbie play.

Caleb, getting ready to eat his 6th Clementine. Actually I have no idea how many he ate, but it was a lot. 
Amanda and I with my huge child. Seriously, He is 3. And over half my body.

4) After the party, we sought out food at The District. 
They have this water play area. Caleb watched the kids for about 10 minutes. He is not one for random water play. In fact, he has never engaged with one of these water fountain play areas before. He has watched before running away to do something else, but has never entered into enjoyment of these sort of things.
Today, after observing the kids play for while, he turned to me and made comments about getting his swim trunks. He told me that next time, he would have his swim trunks so that he could be ready to play. Then he decided he wanted to play sooner, like today. He told me he wanted to drive back home, get his swim trunks, and then return. I assured him several times that it was fine to just play with his clothes on. He wasn't sure about this, but finally took off his shoes and socks and decided to slowly try it out. Well, he had a blast. And by the end, he was drenched. And quite happy. In fact, when we got to the car, I took off his clothes but left his underwear on. He said, "This is going to be the best ride ever! I'm naked!" 

5) Sooooooo. This face is the face of a crying boy who is following me around. Whining, and crying some more. The issue this time? His uneven socks. Lately, as he nears 3.5 years of age (in October), he flips out over everything, and continues to flip out. It can be over what I feel, is close to nothing. Such as the heel of a sock not properly lined up. Or the fact that I say no about...anything at all, or tell him we have to leave. Basically anything he doesn't want to have happen, can initiate this flipping out. Today he had a screaming melt down all the way home from church because the locked bin with jump ropes was...locked. Usually they have it open at church. Because it was locked, I told Caleb he could either play on the playground, or go home. He continued to throw a fit about the locked bin, so I picked him up and we went home. I had to hold onto his thrashing, screaming, big boy body as we walked the way home. His tantrum broke when our neighbor offered to show him her cat.

Wellllll. He is nearing age 3 1/2, which is an age of disequilibrium. I am aware of this, but Amy reminded me that this is what was happening. There are periods of equilibrium and disequilibrum depending on the age. For his age, these are the things that are prone to happen: 3 1/2 years – new motor incoordination, new stuttering, tensional outlets, emotional insecurity, crying, whining, frequent questions, demanding. [SourceCaleb does not stutter at this time, and actually has very good speech. He did go through a stage like that several months ago. The rest however, spot on. Apparently, more inward behavior occurs during the half years. 

How have I handled this so far? Well, I try to: Not back down and be consistent, maintain discipline, help him understand what will happen if he doesn't listen (ie: time in room, spanking, loss of privileges), continue to encourage him to do things himself, be more present (totally suck at this). I also have begun to count to five when he needs to listen and do something, and that has been very helpful. I am sure there is more, and these are things I can always improve on. But they are some of the main ones that stick out right now. It's like I have to be on top of him all the time, and it is pretty wearing. And once he is already spiraling, crying and tantruming or having a fit, it is basically too late to do any of that stuff. I just have to give him time in his room alone while he does that (only seems to make it worse), or just be with him until it's over.

So it is a challenge because I get the brunt of all this. But I cannot stop and marvel at how much he is growing, and how crazy that is.

Actually Caleb just got out of bed and stumbled towards mine. He has been doing this lately. He will get up anywhere usually between 1am to 3am and end up in my bed. Usually if I am not asleep for this, I don't allow it and make him go back to his bed. But these days, he is just different and it may need to be handled differently due to this new phase he is in. He is more afraid of the dark, and more intense about coming in here. We'll see how it goes in a moment when I move him back to his room. Usually it doesn't go so well these days.
Here is is today, at peace for the moment, playing with his new Lincoln Logs. I think this might have been either a jet or speed boat.
Have a wonderful Labor Day! I have no plans. Just...home.